The good mixed with the bad.


I am reading some missives from brochures regarding healthy living and find that the same ‘tongue’ talks about a solid (one that works)exercise routine and then tells us at the same time to use certain deodorants and soaps that are laden with chemicals that I wouldn’t purchase at any one time. So yes; we have to educate ourselves regarding harmful chemicals that are added to soaps; shampoo and deodorants. Joyce (my daughter) once said that we should not put anything on our skin that we are not prepared to put into our mouths as well. I shall not be seen dead in town without make up on and unfortunately most make up has ‘bad stuff’ in them; i.e. lead, Ml, etc etc etc. I try and not go to town too often. My clients and customers will never recognize me if I do not apply my ‘town’ face if we happen to run into each other. How sad!!! The story of my life. We get natural beauts like my daughters; who must have gotten it from their paternal ancestors; and then we get the ones like me who are not so fortunate.

Marietjie Morgan