The Geoengineering Chemical of the “Future” that has Been Dispersed by Jet Aircraft for Decades


Researching such a tight lipped subject as geoengineering, investigators must rely on scientific studies, patents and what the climate scientists and their corporate backers plan on doing in the “future”. No one is going to openly admit that geoengineering or Solar Radiation Management is happening now because of the dangers involved. Using scientific studies from the geo-engineers at Harvard,Yale and M.I.T. as well as what is publicly known about these lines in the sky produced by jet aircraft and their effects. It is possible to paint a picture of a current geoengineering program that is fully admitted and about to be ramped up.

Two chemicals keep coming up in almost all the research for geoengineering or the newly publicized name of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection. Aluminum and Sulfur Oxides always seem to be the front runners when it comes to Solar Radiation Management and geoengineering as the ice crystals they form are highly reflective. Sulfur oxides are aluminum’s ugly sister when it comes to talk of current geoengineering programs. Yet sulfur dioxide is proving to be a powerful geoengineering chemical with effects on plant and animal life as horrible as alumina and hardly anyone is considering it in terms of a current geoengineering program. Realize this chemical, that is becoming the front runner for “publicly” admitted operational use as a geoengineering agent, has been openly spewing out of jet aircraft in large amounts for decades. It’s no secret that air pollution from jets is a problem but new studies point to the fact that sulfur dioxide is one of the primary chemicals for use in Solar Radiation Management and geoengineering.

Jet fuel is much like diesel fuel. Except the diesel exhaust coming out of a car has 15 parts per million SO2 sulfur dioxide where as jet exhaust has been tested at between 600 and 3000 parts per million SO2 sulfur dioxide. Aviation fuel has between 60 to 300 times more sulfur than car diesel or gasoline in tests yet there is no FAA standards on sulfur oxides. Sulfur is not being taken out in the refining process for aviation fuel. Scientists don’t even have to pay for this geoengineering chemical to be dispersed. The airline fuel industry saves about 4 billion dollars a year annually not taking the sulfur out which would only cost an extra 3 cents a gallon. Low sulfur fuel for jets is available but not mandated. In fact scientists want to put more sulfur dioxide (acid rain) in the atmosphere for Solar Radiation Management. Why do the lines in the sky today from jet aircraft look exactly like what scientists are “recommending” in these studies? Using the exact same chemical compound, sulfur dioxide SO2, that is being dispersed by jet aircraft at alarming levels right now. Coincidence?

Stratospheric aerosol injection tactics and costs in the first 15 years of deployment

Could jet aircraft dispersing sulfur dioxide be a baseline Solar Radiation Management program operating for decades? Perhaps working in concert with other parallel geoengineering programs. Sulfur dioxide hasn’t gotten as much attention with regard to a current geoengineering program based off jet aircraft as it should.

Sulfur dioxide is a deadly geoengineering chemical that is admittedly coming out of jets at an alarming rate. It is well known that contrails form from ice nucleating on exhaust particulates when hitting humid air. Some of these particles are sulfur oxides that have profound geoengineering effects. Jet engines produce oxides of sulfur, lead, carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide. The only aircraft emissions standards are on lead, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide but not sulfur oxides or anything else for that matter. There is no actual law governing aircraft emissions. Is this a legal mechanism that allows geoengineering to take place without our consent?

Understand the profound atmospheric effects of sulfur dioxide have been known to climate scientists for a century from studying volcanic eruptions which eject massive amounts of sulfur dioxide and cool the Earth. Just like sulfates from jet exhaust some of these particulates get taken high into the stratosphere by convection and reflect sunlight back to space for Solar Radiation Management. Over all cooling the planet but also temporarily trapping heat already on the ground with sulfates that don’t make it fully into the stratosphere. Simply not running as much air traffic over an area will have a temporary cooling effect, conversely temporarily warming areas of higher air traffic. Sulfur dioxide released from jet aircraft at 30,000 feet could accomplish two goals of the geoengineering establishment if properly cycled. A net Solar Radiation Management cooling effect on the planet and the temporary effects of higher or lower temperatures on the ground depending on air traffic. Radically affecting the weather patterns for geoengineering purposes.

Scientists also know that taking sulfur out of aviation fuel would have an over all warming effect as more solar radiation hits the planet. Perhaps this is the reason governments are so reluctant to mandate lower sulfur standards for jet fuel as their geoengineering experiment has gotten out of control and now they can’t stop. Scientists readily admit these atmospheric effects but call it “accidental geoengineering”. There is nothing accidental about something that can be rectified so easily.

In a study published in 2012, he determined that removing sulfur from jet fuel would avert about 2,000 deaths per year in the U.S. for just three cents a gallon, but it would also increase the warming effect of aviation by about 10 percent. That’s because sulfur in airplane exhaust is emitted in the form of reflective sulfate particles, which cool the planet by reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the surface.   M.I.T. Global Change

Perhaps the reason these “persistent contrails” have become more visible and longer in the last couple decades is that high by-pass turbo fan jet engines combust the sulfur more completely. These engines should produce little to no contrail under normal conditions especially if burning a low sulfur fuel without other possible additives. The governments of the world even admit it is a huge problem and have “plans” to mandate a standard someday but will not admit the full scope of the program or its atmospheric effects. Removing sulfur from jet fuel would also help prevent global dimming due to studies done during the pause in air traffic after 911. Nothing has been done about sulfur dioxide emissions from jet aircraft but your car must pass much more stringent exhaust standards.

The ultra-low sulfur fuel thereby limits or eliminates contrail formation because there is limited sulfur byproduct in the exhaust to support nucleation and water droplet formation.   Patent US20100122519A1

The airline industry doesn’t want it’s customers to know that when they are flying through a sulfur dioxide contrail it could induce airline cabin sickness due to the recycled air coming from the engine air intake. Let alone the fact this sulfur dioxide is falling out to the ground on all of us, as well as any number of other chemical compounds. Falling out in less concentrations than right at the jet exhaust but these chemicals have cumulative effects over long periods of time and have serious health effects at much lower levels. Researching the symptoms of sulfur dioxide exposure sounds very similar to health problems and ecological changes people are reporting on the ground due to chemtrails. As well as in airline cabin sickness cases.

A look at the Material Safety Data Sheet M.S.D.S. for corrosive SO2 sulfur dioxide gas we find acute toxicity (death) at 1260 ppm over four hours in a rat. It requires a ventilated suite to work around and may cause pH changes in aqueous and plant ecosystems including deforestation. Exposures of 400-500 ppm are immediately life-threatening and as little as 2 ppm may irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and sinuses, resulting in choking, coughing, and C.O.P.D. like symptoms. Remember aviation fuel exhaust is tested at between 600 and 3000 ppm SO2. Sulfur oxides in jet fuel and the resulting health problems are conservatively estimated to kill between 1000 and 4000 people globally. Sulfur dioxide also destroys ozone when convection takes some of the particulates high into the stratosphere. Sulfur is a main ingredient in fireworks, reducing ignition temperatures and acting as the fuel that sparks the reaction. What happens when this chemical compound falls out on foliage in dry areas of the country in the summer months?

Exposure to concentrations above the TLV of 2 ppm may irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and sinuses, resulting in choking, coughing, and sometimes broncho-constriction.

Concentrations of 50-100 ppm are considered dangerous.

Exposures of 400-500 ppm are immediately life-threatening. Exposure to high concentrations may result in pulmonary edema and paralysis.

M.S.D.S. Sulfur Dioxide

Many new studies are relying on sulfur dioxide such as the geoengineering experiment set for the summer of 2019 over Arizona headed up by Harvard geo-engineer David Keith. Plans are to release sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere from high altitude balloons in an attempt to block the sun. Harvard and Yale scientists published a land mark study going into great detail for their vision of a new fleet of high altitude jet tankers called S.A.I.L Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Lofters that would criss-cross the sky spewing long lines of sulfur dioxide at high altitude. Blocking out the sun for Solar Radiation Management. Looking eerily similar to what witnesses are reporting in the sky from jet aircraft now, using the exact same chemical. Sulfur Dioxide. Someone could think this is all just a big coincidence but that would be incredibly naive.

This article is not meant discount the work by anti-geoengineering researchers concentrating on aluminum oxides, other compounds or specially retrofitted jets but only to add to that information and to help provide a way to eventually ban all toxic substances from our skies. Large amounts of sulfur are admittedly in commercial and military jet fuel and there is already a big push to take it out. This could provide an opportunity for anti-geoengineering activists to ban other possible substances from being dispersed into the atmosphere.


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