The Cost of Violating Nature’s Laws


“When man violates man’s laws, we send him to jail and point the finger of scorn at him. When he violates nature’s laws, we send him to a hospital, give him flowers, and feel sorry for him.”

B.J. Palmer

Understanding Nature’s Laws

There are natural laws just as there are civil laws. Most people understand how civil laws work and we know that breaking them can result in severely negative consequences. However, many people do not understand that breaking nature’s laws causes negative consequences as well. Understanding the similarities and the differences between the two has the potential to dramatically improve your level of health and well being.

Civil laws govern our behavior towards other people. Obeying civil laws protect you and and keep you out of jail. However, breaking these laws may harm you, hurt other people and cause you to end up in court or even jail. Usually, you only suffer these consequences IF you get caught breaking these laws.

Nature’s laws govern the relationship between nature and our bodies and our environment. Obeying nature’s laws protects your health. Violating them leads to dis-ease, sickness and even death.

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Escaping Consequences

It is against the law to rob banks and penalties for doing so are severe. However, if you a very skilled criminal, you may be able to rob a bank and get away without getting caught. You may escape the consequences.

Many people think that the same is true of the laws of nature. However, there is no escaping the consequences of nature’s laws. For example, there is a law of gravity that applies to everything and everyone on Earth. If you step off of a 20 story building, it will not matter what skills you have, you will most certainly fall to your death!

There are laws of nature that apply to your body and your health as well. If you cut yourself, you will bleed. If you cut off your oxygen supply, you will suffocate. If you cut a nerve, the organ in your body that it controls will die. These are some of nature’s laws that we are most familiar with because the consequences are experienced immediately.

However, we tend to violate other laws of nature everyday and do not realize it because the consequences, though immediate, are not felt. For example, if you put a large amount of a toxic chemical, such as mercury, into your body, you will die quickly. However, if you put small, trace amounts of mercury into your body (vaccines, fish, etc.), you will be poisoned slowly. You will begin to experience dis-ease and your body will begin to malfunction.

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This dis-ease and malfunction is often attributed to bad luck, bad genes or old age. However, this is simply not the case. The vast majority of sickness and disease – including diabetes, heart disease and cancer – is lifestyle related.  Far too many people fail to recognize that they have violated nature’s laws and are suffering the consequences. Far too many also turn to pharmaceutical drugs as the answer. This timeline of celebrities killed by Big Pharma clearly demonstrates that this is not the answer!

Sick people need to be cared for but they also must be educated about nature’s laws and how to live in harmony with them. This is the focus of lifestyle medicine. Rather than continuing to poison sick people with more toxic substances (drugs) and radiation, they are taught how to live an abundantly healthy life in alignment with natural laws.

Your health is your responsibility. You don’t have to be imprisoned by disease and poor health. You can be healthy and well if you if you simply respect nature’s laws a live a lifestyle of wellness.

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