The 5 Stages of Crazy


Some of us are admittedly a little more out there than others. Society as a whole has become rather fond of slapping labels on everyone and wrapping them up in neat little packages. But what really happens when someone calls you crazy?

1. First people call you crazy
2. Then you fear you might actually BE crazy
3. Eventually you start to get comfortable with your crazy
4. Then one day you wake up and realize that you’re now actually proud of your crazy
5. And finally, you realize you aren’t crazy at all. You’re just far to ahead of the game to be understood by most.

Self Acceptance is vital for a happy existence. Other people will always judge and have opinions. You have no control over that. The opinion that matters is your own. What you you think of you? More importantly, how do you feel about you?

We all have quirks, flaws, weaknesses and even things that make us feel crazy at times……loving and accepting yourself as you are – a beautiful work in progress is the way through.

So! Accept your “crazy”. Embrace your “crazy”. Smile and take it to the local flea market and buy it a corn dog! Whatever makes you happy. Do the crazy happy dance telling everyone to bite you while wearing a tutu, a crown and a polka dot vest with some snazzy clogs if it pleases you. This is your life, no one else’s.

Guess which level I am at!? (Slips on a shiny red clog)

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Sarah Barendse
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