Thanks to the Veterans! New Cutting EdgeTreatments For Burns, PTSD, and Brain Injury


Thank you to all the men and women who sacrifice so much every day in service to our country. They deserve our deepest gratitude and the best healing treatments when they return home. If you know a Veteran who is hurting, share this information and help them heal–physically, emotionally, and mentally. In case you missed these in previous blogs–here they are again.


“In 2008, Professor Joerg C. Gerlach and his colleages of the Department of Surgery at the University of Pittsburg’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, introduced the spray on skin concept gun to the world – The Skin Cell Gun. This treatment heals a severe burn in just days!

Being funded by the US Department of Defense under the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM) consortium of research institutions, which was formed in 2008 to research better treatments for wounded service personnel, is a great benefit to the researchers working on improving the skin cell gun.”


Healing PTSD involves pulling out the toxins in your gut. Fermented drinks like Kombucha contain live beneficial bacteria that help balance out the opportunistic bad bacteria. This is an excerpt from another blog about digestion and PTSD which you can find under the blog category.

Cutting edge medical doctors like Dr. George Yu are using therapies that have been proven to work with drug addicts. The therapy is based upon the fact that fat cells store toxins. Test subjects were given Niacin (Vitamin B3) in doses from 50mg to 200mg, which caused fat cells to explode, releasing both fatty acids and toxins through a process called lipolysis. Under a doctor’s supervision, higher dosages of Vitamin B3 have been given without side effects or liver damage. You must work with a doctor and you must have a prescription for Vitamin B3.

After the administration of B3, with the toxins released, the person exercises for a period of time to get the blood moving and increase circulation. Then the person sits in a sauna for approximately 40 minutes and the toxins are excreted through the intestines and skin. Dr. Yu adds a final step by giving Bentonite Clay or activated charcoal to absorb the Vitamin B3 and release it as well. Dr. Yu is an amazing and intelligent, caring doctor who uses natural therapies first. He explains the process of detoxification of toxins:


You CAN reverse brain damage! Those who have suffered concussions can benefit too! Dr. Amen is awesome! Watch his video about reversing brain damage! 83,000 brain scans can’t be wrong!  Please share with your favorite VET (or football player)! 

Happy Veteran’s Day!


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