Tested Natural Home Remedies For Acne Treatment


Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by people of all ages. It is basically a skin disease that generally takes place when the hair follicles of one gets filled or plugged with dead skin cells and with oil.
Acne is generally noticed to occur on back, shoulders, face, chest and neck. It can be really unsightly and distressing. The acne take considerable time for its healing. However when starts resolving, the other one gets cropped up.

Its Daily Problems

Acne not only provides a real annoying and an unattractive look, but also hampers one’s personality to a considerable degree. The post-healing scars can actually cause emotional distress.
For some people acne appears during pre-puberty period and can stop its further growth after the 20s. Yet some people have been seen complaining about their appearance after this limited period.

Natural Home Remedies for Treating Acne

In spite of their annoying and unattractive features, the good news is that acne can be treated and that too back at home.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best ways to let your skin thank you. When it is about treating acne, apple cider vinegar is often considered as the powerhouse. It basically kills the bacteria that poses real threat for your skin. It also helps in balancing your skin’s pH, by becoming an alkaline. As a result, it becomes difficult for the bacteria to survive. It is also like an astringent that helps in drying up the excess oil.
For using Apple Cider Vinegar as a treatment for acne, you will be needing:
– Apple Cider Vinegar in pure unfiltered form and
– Fresh water.
How to use?
Wash your face with clean water, following which pat it dry. Use a ratio of 1 part of apple cider vinegar with 3 parts of water. After this, you simply need to dip cotton balls on this mixture and apply on the respective blemishes or affected areas. You should leave this applied mixture for a time period, that would be minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of an overnight period. In case you feel that your skin is getting dry, use a
good moisturizer. You must use this mixture only when need and taking care not to overuse it. And if you want to deal with acne scars you can read more here about how to easily prevent acne scars

2. Yoghurt or milk and honey
There has been a lot of controversies and discussions about the dairy products for treating acne. The main reason why it is said that milk can
cause acne is because when ingested it helps in producing some extra hormones which can stimulate the growth of acne. But when applied topically, dairy products do have real beneficial powers in improving the skin quality. Milk helps in soothing irritating skin. It also helps in
toning down its redness. As a complimentary of milk, you can also make the use of yoghurt. The acids that are present in it are anti-bacterial. In addition, the fats that are present in it help in providing moisture, thus helping to nourish your skin.
For using milk/yoghurt and honey mixture for treating acne, you will be needing:
– 1 tbsp full-fat or low-fat milk/ yoghurt. (Make sure it’s skim).
– 1 tbsp raw and natural honey.

How to use?

Let the milk or yoghurt get the normal room temperature. Make a mixture of honey and yoghurt or milk and apply it on your face or the affected areas.
Make sure to let each layer dry before you apply a new one, till your mask gets the desired thickness. Keep this mask for about 10 to 15 minutes and
then wash it off. You can use a washcloth for gentle scrubbing. This will let you get rid of the dead skin. After finishing up, apply the

3. Egg Whites

Yet another easy and affordable way for combating acne, egg whites have some really useful properties within them that may make your skin fall for it. Egg whites are absolutely full of proteins as well as vitamins; both of which are really helpful in combating against acne. It also helps in rebuilding the cells of your skin. They also soak up the extra oil present in your skin, which means it becomes difficult for the survival of bacteria.
For using egg whites for treating acne, you will be needing:
– Egg whites of 2 to 3 eggs that would be separated from the yolks,
– Bowl and
– Washcloth.
How to use?
You need to start by rinsing your face with water, following which pat it dry. Whisk the egg whites till they are frothy and keep them still for some minutes. While focusing on the affected areas, apply the mixture all over your face. About three to four layers would be enough. However make sure
that the first or the preceding layer has dried, before you applying it’s
successive layers. Give your mask about 20 minutes for sitting and drying.
Following this, rinse your face completely with warm water. Pat your skin dry with a washtowel, following which use an appropriate skin-friendly moisturiser.

4. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is undoubtedly an important kitchen product, which most of the homemakers use for cooking purposes. But it also has uses and in fact miraculous uses for the treatment of acne. Baking Soda helps in correcting the skin’s pH balance. It also embodies in it mild anti-flammatory properties. Because of its antiseptic properties it is also helpful in reducing irritation that is caused by acne. It also acts as a mild exfoliator because of its powder forms.
For using baking soda for treating acne, you will be needing:
– 8 tsp baking soda,
– Water and
– A cup.

How to use?

First, clean your face with water, following which pat your skin dry. Add the baking soda in the cup. Add half-much of water to it. Make sure that the mixture is creamy enough to apply it on your face. Once you have got the smooth consistency, apply this paste over your face and on the pimples or acne affected areas. Keep the mask on your face for about 15 minutes,
till it dries. After it gets hardened, rinse off your face with water. Pat
your skin dry with a soft towel. Make sure to use an oil-free moisturiser so as to ensure the pH balance of your skin.

5. Banana Peel

Bananas are those fruits that embody in themselves real goodness even if it is not eaten on a regular basis. Its peel contains typical substance called
lutein. This lutein is a real powerful antioxidant, which becomes helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation. It also helps in improving and encouraging cell growth of your skin. Being delicate, the peel can also suit any form of skin.
For using banana peel for treating acne, you will be needing:
– A banana peel.

How to use?

You simply need to rub the peel over your face, especially over the
affected acne areas, in delicate circular motions. When you feel that each and every part of the face has been covered, let the layer stay on the face for about 30 minutes. After it gets dried, wash off your face with water and pat your skin dry. Make sure to do this regularly along with
maintaining a good healthy diet.

6. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice embodies in it some useful anti-oxidants that restrict the action of those free radicals that damage your skin by damaging body’s healthy cells that result in the swelling and inflammation of your skin.
The citric acid present in also helps in the exfoliation process. Being a
powerful astringent, it helps in drying the blemish. Being a natural skin whitener, it also helps in reducing the redness of your skin in an effective way.
For using lemon juice for treating acne, you will be needing:
– Approximately 1 tbsp of squeezed lemon,
– Cotton balls(optional)
– Yoghurt(optional)

How to use

Rinse your entire face with water and pat it dry with a towel. Dab the cotton balls in the juice and apply over the acne or the pimples. If you have any kind of typical stinging feeling, make sure to mix some yoghurt with the lemon juice and then apply.

7. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are useful for healing acne both when used topically or when taken internally. The leaves have acne element that helps in cleaning up the pores. These leaves also help in lightening the scars and blemishes that get formed because of the formation of acne. It can also tone up your
skin along with helping in removing blackheads almost instantly. The anti-oxidant property also helps in keeping your skin soft and supple. When consumed internally it aids in purifying the blood that in turn prevents
the formation of pimples and acne.
For using mint leaves for treating acne, you will be needing:
– Bunch of mint leaves and
– A blender.

How to use

Blend all the mint leaves in a blender. Apply the paste over those areas that have been affected by acne. Leave the paste as it is for about 20 minutes. After this wash off your face or affected areas with cold water.
For getting best results, you can use this technique for two weeks.
Get a healthy regime.
Besides these regular uses, for getting faster or better results you must also improve your diet. Make sure to include healthy foodstuff and try avoiding heavy or oily food. Intake of water must also be increased per day. With the maintenance of a proper healthy regime, you can easily get rid of those so unsightly pimples and acne. Since all these are natural ways, you must also need patience.

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