Ten Tasteful Ways to Eat Raw Garlic


The cold and flu does not stand a chance when garlic is the super food of choice in your daily diet. Although, the garlic does have to be consumed raw in order for it to contain medicinal properties that help keep not only the cold and flu away, but also other illnesses too such as cancers and autoimmune disorders. However, eating garlic raw can taste horrible straight up. The good news is there are ten helpful different ways you can eat garlic raw that is surprisingly yummy.

#1 Veggie Salsa

Salsa is delicious to scoop up with tortilla chips, especially when it is homemade and fresh.  If you are making fresh salsa tonight, why not toss some raw garlic into so you can get the medicinal properties from it into your body.

#2 Dressing

Are you creating a salad dressing with herbs, spices, vinegars and oils? If so, mince up some garlic and add it in. Minced raw garlic goes well in Caesar dressings, Italian, Greek and Ranch. There is no better way to get garlic into your diet than through a homemade salad dressing you are going to eat up with a fresh leafy green veggie salad filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

#3 Garlic Salt

Homemade garlic salt is created when minced garlic is combined with finely ground sea salt in a small jar. Then, the jar is stored in the refrigerator overnight so the garlic can release its medicinal properties into the salt. Doing this also creates beneficial enzymes and healthy bacteria, which is beneficial to the body. Once the garlic salt is ready, you can add it to meats, salads, bread and veggie to add some tasty flavor.

#4 Texas Toast

Are you having some pasta for dinner? If so, why not toast up some bread, spread some butter onto it and add some minced garlic onto the top. After, eat the toast down as a tasty side to your pasta dinner.

#5 Fresh Guacamole

Guacamole is made with avocados, which are super healthy to the body due to all the antioxidants they contain. Adding raw garlic into the guacamole can actually enhance its medicinal properties and help reduce inflammation in the body extremely well.

#6 Homemade Pasta Sauce

Are you creating a homemade pasta sauce to serve over some fresh pasta? If so, adding minced garlic into the sauce can actually help provide nutrients that can support a healthy immune system so you have a better chance at keeping the common cold and flu away.

#7 Mashed Potatoes

Everyone loves mashed potatoes, but creamy garlic mashed potatoes are better. Try adding some raw garlic to your mashed potato dish the next time you make a batch up. Then, when you eat them up your body will thank you for supplying it with vital antioxidants.

#8 Garlic Honey Lemon Tea

If you have a sore throat or a nasty cough, a garlic honey lemon tea just might be the thing you need. Simply add some freshly squeezed lemon juice, boiling water, honey and minced garlic into a mug and create a tea. After, sip the tea down and enjoy the soothing relief.

#9 Hot Sauce

If you love a good hot sauce why not add some garlic into some before using it. You will adding some heat and some medicinal properties.

#10 Straight Up

If your brave the best way to get garlic into your diet is straight up. It’s the only true way to provide your body with the all the health benefits garlic can provide. Just make sure you have some breath mints afterwards.

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