Ten Must-read Health and Wellness books: Part 1


Are you looking for some easy ways to improve your health and overall wellness? Do you enjoy reading but don’t want to struggle through complicated science-laden books that just don’t provide practical, easy-to-implement diet and lifestyle ideas? The solution is in these ten books. Each book is dedicated to a specific topic such as alternative healing approaches, clean eating, safe supplementing, and relationship wellness.

These books should be on your must-read list if you are interested in living a healthy life that is free of dis ease or if you are looking to heal from acute or chronic illness. These books also make great gifts for friends and family looking to improve their health and well being through healthy food, detoxifying their environment, or through exercise and self-care. The books in Part 1 include:

Healing the Gerson Way (Gerson)

This comprehensive approach to healing cancer and other chronic ailments is a great starting point for anyone wanting to know more about alternative healing approaches or anyone diagnosed with cancer or other chronic ailment for which Gerson Therapy might be appropriate. Also included are easy-to-understand explanations on interpreting blood tests, information about supplements, and recipes utilized on the Gerson Therapy. http://gerson.org/gerpress/

Curing the Incurable (Levy, MedFox Publishing)

If you a re looking for a starting point for Vitamin C research, this is the go-to book.  Chock full of citations pointing you to decades of research, Levy supports his arguments for Vitamin C, against acute ailments, such as spider bites, to the curing of chronic ailments such as Hepatitis, with decades of published empirical evidence. He also debunks that myth of Vitamin C and the formation of stones.

Time for a Change (Bussone, DanRich Publishing)

Looking for a reason to change? Look no further than Bussone’s tell-all book about her journey through allopathic medical mistakes and the impetus behind her plant-based approach to eating. In addition to her personal memoir, she provides a plethora of pantry guidelines, food storage tips, kitchen equipment ideas, and plenty of recipes to keep any plant-based eater happy. http://www.timeforchangekitchen.com

Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Quillin, Nutrition Times Press, Inc.)

Quillin provides an education on vitamins, enzymes, and most importantly, the different types of sugars and how those sugars are treated by the body. The first several chapters are dedicated to the overview of cancer and how nutrition is crucial in wellness. For those opting for conventional cancer treatments, Quillin’s chapters on the importance of nutrition is relevant and supports the importance of good nutrition independent of treatment choice.

The 5 Love Languages (Chapman, Northfield Publishing)

Looking to improve your relationships? This easy-t0-read guide helps you understand which of the five love languages are most important to you and what your partner’s most important love languages are. With this knowledge you can improve how you express your love for your partner in the way that your partner needs (and vice versa).

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