The Ten Items That Do Not Belong On My Desk


I share my desk with my hubby. We both work from home. He clutters my desk with strange items. And as they say, a cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind.

1. Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Sure, I get that people sometimes catch the cold. Maybe, it’s like Louise Hay says, and perhaps there is: “Too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder. Small hurts.” or… you really pulled in some germs through your nose, mouth, or eyes.

Either way, you are sick, and your nose is dripping. You want tissue, or the extremely-well-branded “Kleenex” but, you don’t buy that arguably unnecessary product. So, you opt for toilet paper. You do keep the toilet paper stocked because it gets old having to jump in the shower after every poop. But, for the love of all the Universe, please recycle the toilet paper roll when it becomes empty.

2. Empty Cups

Being that I choose not to be a full time complainer, I will say that I agree that it is smart to drink from a glass drinking vessel, as opposed to a BPA-ridden plastic cup. And I agree that drinking plenty of water helps keep you hydrated, helps keep the body in working order, and all that… but… is it necessary to get a new glass for every drink? Perhaps 12 empty glasses do not belong on a desk with finite space. Just saying 😉

3. 17 Pens

How many pens do you need? I say… one. Type or write, I don’t care. But, do we need 17+ pens at all times on the desk? They are all the same colour, so the ‘art’ excuse isn’t valid in this situation. They are all blue ball point pens in my best estimation. Please, pull open a drawer, and drop the excess pens inside.

4. Folded Laundry

Yes, we live in a 3-floor home, and our small children are uncomfortable sleeping on floors above or below us, so… our desk cannot be in the living room where the kids sleep. The desk, for now at least, is in our bedroom. But, does the laundry need to be piled on top of the desk? The dresser and closet are within 2 feet of the desk. Please, please, reduce the clutter 🙂

5. Extra Cat-5 Cables

OK, I agree totally that Internet-redundancy is handy. We have a device plugged into the AC of our home next to the router. That allows us to gain access to the network (and therefore the Internet) through our home electricity. I know… cool right? And, within range of our desk we have a device plugged into a power outlet that behaves as a wireless router.

Further, we have a device that behaves like a wired router. Up to 3 devices can be plugged into it. We have 2. We are plugged in, and have the wireless as a backup. Never, ever, not even once, has our plugged in network failed because of a cable mishap. Must we have backup cables piled on the desk “just in case”?

6. Books, Books, And More Books Piled Very Very High

There is an ever-growing collection of books. Sure, you run a web site that reviews books, so it stands to reason that the books end up on our desk for a short length of time.

However… after the book is reviewed, doesn’t is make more sense for the book to find its way back to the book shelf? You recorded the author name, publisher, title, ISBN number, author bio… all of that… let’s put it back on the shelf 🙂

7. Food

Uneaten food should find its way into the garbage or composter. Please, it stinks, and takes up room.

8. The Pet Hermit Crabs

OK, the little dime-sized Hermit Carbs are cute, and the giant ones that can snap a pencil are “cool”and “tough” but they don’t belong in our working environment. They are for the kids to enjoy.

We decided that the only way to make really good money with a Hermit Crabs website was to either hope for the best with Google AdSense, or be an affiliate for a company that sells East Indian made gold-tipped upgrade-shells, but we opted out.

Let’s put the Hermit Crabs back in the living room.

9. The Chia Pet

I love that we taught the kids that the chia pet coat is made from foods that provide healthy fats to humans (and probably other animals) but do we need it on the desk?

It is at the point where it smells musty, and the sprouts are beyond eating. I love you, but the chia pet has got to go 🙂

10. Anything Beyond The Essentials

Primarily, I feel that all we need in our working environment… particularly on the desk… include:

a) a lamp (for late night motivational working)
b) my Yeti mic (an awesome mic for screen-casting and other audio)
c) a couple laptops (one for each of us)
d) a couple mouses or other ergonomic pointing/clicking devices
e) gel wrist mousepads (kept carpal tunnel at bay for more than a decade!)
f) items currently being used for the time being (temporarily, short-term, in the interim, for-the-moment, momentarily, for a limited time)… things like: pens, papers, books, tools of the trade, snot rags, etc.

A cluttered desk (or house, or closet) creates a cluttered mind. A clutter-free mind is more creative, valuable, and productive.

Raw Michelle is a natural health blogger and researcher, sharing her passions with others, using the Internet as her medium. She discusses topics in a straight forward way in hopes to help people from all walks of life achieve optimal health and well-being. SUBSCRIBE here to get more from Raw Michelle!

Michelle Bosmier
Raw Michelle is a natural health blogger and researcher, sharing her passions with others, using the Internet as her medium. She discusses topics in a straightforward way in hopes to help people from all walks of life achieve optimal health and well-being. She has authored and published hundreds of articles on topics such as the raw food diet and green living in general.

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