Tame the Stink with Shreddies: The Flatulence Filtering Underwear!


Vegan, vegetarian, meat-lover or junkaholic, we all have one thing in common.

The food we eat mixes into a toxic digestive brew that produces fumes.

Unfortunately, some of those exotic fumes come shooting out of our butts at the most inopportune times.

So, of course, you must engage in immediate diversionary tactics that usually involve blaming an innocent bystander. However, if you are with familiar people who can easily detect your unique fart blueprint, then you’re toast.

Well, all that embarrassment has come to an end with Shreddies, the Flatulence Filtering Underwear!

Yes, sleek and stylist underwear that uses active carbon filtration to steal the stink right out of your farts!

The compassionate folks at Shreddies claim that zorflex, the material used in their unique undergarments has the power to effortlessly filter the funk out of even the most powerful popcorn fart.

Amazingly, zorflex can withstand the odor of a monster fart up to 200 times more powerful than the average human emission.

I guess they don’t know my friend Joe, because….man!

The carbon in these unique undergarments is reactivated every time you wash them. Don’t worry. You won’t be creating a nuclear waste disposal site in your dresser.

Anyway, I am waiting for Shreddies to come out with a noise filtration add-on because I know a few people who could use that one (not me).

So, say good-bye to Beano! Enjoy that yogurt-broccoli-bean chowder with almond cheeze! Free yourself of shame and embrace the epic Shreddies motto: Fart with Confidence!

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