Does Taking Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements Damage the Liver?


From reducing weight and cholesterol to boosting our immune system, green tea is no doubt very beneficial for our health. Researchers have also proven that it fights signs of ageing, boosts the immune system in addition to reducing the chances of catching infections which make it even more useful.

Surprisingly, as helpful as it may seem, green tea has its side effects which can be harmful to your health. Read on to find out how:
Green tea contains antioxidants known as catechins. They target the powerhouses of your cells (mitochondria) and restrict their ability to break down food and turn into energy. According to Herbert Bonkovsky (a gastroenterologist with the Carolinas Health Care System), this can lead to hepatitis or liver failure.

20 percent of drug-related liver injuries come as a result of unregulated supplements as confirmed by the National Institutes of Health. Bonkovsky, therefore, recommends totally avoiding supplements with green tea extracts in them.

Ingesting excessive green tea (Matcha) could damage the liver
Despite having several health benefits, sipping too much of green tea could cause liver damage. The capacity of a drug, chemical, or other exposure to produce injury to the liver is called hepatotoxicity, this is with regard to the Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing. Herbal hepatotoxicity in particular, can happen when we take too much of a supplement daily.

How does it happen?

Green tea contains catechins, which is a crucial antioxidant component that helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, lowering cholesterol among other benefits. But taken in highly strong doses (like those found in a lot of weight loss supplements) can cause herbal hepatotoxicity.

Niket Sonpal, a gastroenterologist and clinical professor of medicine in New York City says that they are like tiny little bombs going into your liver when you boil the extracts down into concentrated capsules. Your liver cells become weighed down and start breaking down due to the highly concentrated doses. This causes jaundice, relentless abdominal pains which are unacceptable side effects that can be avoided.

Our bodies utilize and deal with these compounds in different ways. There are those who will not be affected while others will be affected by these compounds as liver toxins. How your liver converts and gets rid of or makes use of the several ordinary compounds is determined by heredity and what else you are drinking or consuming. Figuring out how much is too much, though, isn’t an exact science, says Christopher Hobbs, M.D., a herbalist with keen interest in holistic health.

However, green tea very beneficial health wise. It is uncommon for hepatotoxicity to crop up with day by standard day consumption. You run into severe problems when you begin taking extremely concentrated doses.

Normally, one or two cups a day is safe and therefore recommended. However, if you are supplementing your daily four coffees with double the herbal tea, then you may be endangering your liver.

Due to the above considerations, be careful with the intake of herbal teas. But this does not mean you avoid tea altogether. Drinking them regularly like water may be hazardous. A cup or two in a day is perfect for your health. Having a chat with your doctor and making them aware of the types of brands of tea you are consuming is helpful since you will get a proper and professional advice. If you are using matcha, you will be forced to visit your doctor since matcha is a concentrated form of green tea. The physician will aid you to recognize the recommended amounts to take.

Similarly, you should consult your physician before taking any supplements. Even as natural as an ingredient might be, it can bring some severe side effects. This will help avoid unnecessary compounds that might damage your liver.

For you to reduce your risk of chronic diseases, lose weight and feel better, then think about green tea and make it a habitual ingredient and a top weight loss supplement. However, pay attention to what you are consuming. Just because it is natural and better, does not mean healthier.


While there are numerous health benefits that come with these top weight loss supplements, it is also important to take precautionary measures to avert the side effects. The best way to go about it seeking medical assistance before embarking on any diet supplements as well as taking the recommended dosages.


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