When (and Why) to Take Your Whey Protein Shake


Even though whey protein shakes are the nutritional supplement of choice among professional athletes, muscular bodybuilders and fitness fanatics, they can help anyone lead a much fitter, healthier lifestyle.

However, those interested in reaping their various rewards might not know when the best time to drink a protein shake is. Then again, others may be wondering why they are particularly beneficial at different times during the day. So with this in mind, here’s a quick guide.

In the morning

Unless you go for an early morning run or gym session, having a protein shake as soon as you wake up isn’t entirely necessary. Even so, some experts recommend consuming a whey protein shake around breakfast time as it quickly delivers amino acids to your muscles, which may have broken down overnight.

A protein powder shake is also perfect for a mid-morning snack, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Low fat protein shakes will suppress hunger pains until lunchtime and can keep you going at work too.


Around 30 minutes to an hour before physical exercise, try and drink a balanced protein shake containing carbohydrates, as a lack of this can increase the risk of muscle damage.
By having protein before working out, your body can get prepared for the repair process. As soon as you put your muscles through their paces, the protein will be on hand to start essential repairs.


While a shake with some carbs is advantageous, as they can bring about an insulin spike, the most important ingredient after a workout is 100% whey protein. This is the fastest digesting protein there is and can help repair muscles straight away.

After heavy physical excursion, your body is starved of energy and will be desperate for more fuel. During the process of searching for energy, it absorbs nutrients much easier and protein will be extremely effective.

Before bed

Eating right before you go to bed is generally not a good idea, but an exception can be made with protein. An hour before resting your weary head, think about having a casein-based shake, which will slowly work through your body.

Your muscles will still be in recovery mode during sleep, so maintaining your protein levels is of the utmost importance.

Most people think of using protein for their workouts. But even though protein shakes are extremely beneficial both before and after a workout, they also have several advantages when consumed in the morning and before bedtime too.

Veronica Davis