Take Your Morning Lemon Water To The Next Level With This 2,000-Years-Old Life Prolonging, Anti-Cancer Elixir


If you are not drinking lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning, then now is the time to start. It kick starts digestion, boost immune system, and has anti-cancer properties.

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However, for all of you who are on their daily lemon shot, I’m going to share with you how you can take this already amazing habit to the next level.

Asian Wisdom

Unlike the West, who relies on the billion dollar pharma industry, the East has powerful gems hiding deep down their mountains, forests, and natural medicine cabinets. The recipe I’m about to share with you was found in and ancient Tibetan monastery, engraved on a clay tablet.

According to experts the recipe must be well over 2,000 years. This ancient remedy can be used to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, clean blood vessels, prevent heart diseases, improve eyesight, slow down ageing, rejuvenate skin, and prevent several types of cancer, especially brain tumors.

Life Prolonging Elixir, The Original Tibetan Cure

  • 5 oz. (or 300g) garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 lbs. organic lemons (about 1kg), with peel and thinly sliced
  • 6 ¼ cup water (or 1.5 liter)
  • Glass jar with fitting

Bring water to a boil, lower the heat and add garlic and lemon (add lemon juice from the cutting board too).

Cover and simmer at low heat for exact 15 minutes. Allow to cool and pour in a glass jar with tight-fitting.

How To Use This Remedy To Fight Disease, Prolong Life, Reduce Skin-Aging, and Prevent Tumor Growth

Take about 1.7 oz. (or 50 ml) every morning on an empty stomach for 25 days. Have a 10-day break and repeat the process once. If you can’t bear the taste, add to lukewarm tea of your choice or add some honey. When cured or there is no improvement after the first round, stop consuming the remedy.

For better health it is recommended to take the remedy no more than once or twice a year with an interval of 6 months.

Note: make sure to stick to the daily dose and have the 10-day break in between. Also make sure to get your probiotics during the day. Garlic has antibiotic properties and may kill some of your gut bacteria.

Usually this recipe doesn’t cause bad reactions, but if you feel odd or sick, or have an allergic reaction, stop the remedy immediately.

Sources: Healthy Food House and All Natural Cure

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