Sweet dreams: insomnia meditation techniques


A lot of people have trouble sleeping, (1) more now than in the past apparently. (2) Some choose to accept it, many turn to being dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to help them get some rest, and many have given meditation a chance!

Meditation has been shown to be extremely effective as an aid to treat insomnia. In fact, meditation can help with both short-term and chronic insomnia. (3)

Here are a couple of ways you can benefit from meditation and get a well-deserved night of rest.

Insomnia meditation techniques

Use simple breathing techniques

If you are a newbie at meditation practice, no worries – it is easy to learn some simple breathing techniques and ways to focus on mindfulness. (4)

Abdominal breathing is a simple, easy-to-implement way to relax your entire body, and achieve sleep naturally. When you are in bed, ready to go to sleep, place your hands on your abdomen. As you breathe slowly in and out, focus on the movement of your belly area moving slowly up, then down. Become super focused on your breathing, how the cool air feels going into your nostrils, the warm exhalation, and the gentle movement of your belly. (5)

Use meditation recordings and apps to guide you into sleep

Another great way to dip your toes into the meditation world is through guided meditations. This way has a double benefit: the recording itself can be very soothing and calming, and the verbal guidance can lull you into sleep.

Some of the better apps – all available for both iPhones and Android, are ready-made to guide you into sleep.

  • Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson (6)
  • Relax and Sleep with Glenn Harrold (7)
  • Sleepmaker Rain (8)
  • Relax and Rest Guided Meditations by Meditation Oasis (9)

No matter what method you try, meditation is a soothing, easy way to help you ease your insomnia suffering, naturally.

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