Sustainability and Green Development of The Southern Hemisphere


Ever since the beginning of the new century, the Southern Hemisphere has headed on the road to improving its sustainability level. Providing resilience and better quality of life for its residents is a leading goal of the Australian government. Still, the greatest victory of the country’s green organization is yet to be achieved. As a sustainable-oriented nation with strong understanding of ecology, Down Under is one of the early adopters of Eco living.

As a leading industry providing Eco services all around Australia, the business cleaning agencies in the country became the outset of a whole new level of service providing focused fully on nature-oriented strategies. Implementing world-approved methods and strategies of reduction of the carbon footprint of our planet, Australia’s business cleaning companies hit one of the highest rates for sustainability in the country. The changes in the continent’s business market evoked a rapid increase in customer trust and reliability, strong presence of leading commercial cleaning agencies in Eco events secured their top place on the market of professional cleaning. Providing safe, natural care along with body corporate maintenance services in larger cities, such as Melbourne, Australia’s commercial cleaners turn to be one of the best Eco industries in the country.

A large number of residential and governmental facilities have already chosen a greener path for their locality with the services of nature-oriented commercial cleaners and general service providers. Education and Medical centres along with retail businesses and non-profit organizations are still in the process of adopting a greener management. The Sustainable Sydney 2030 project envisages a series of modifications to affect both suburban and inner-city areas. Old buildings along with many historical structures are on their way to be adapted to the region’s greener shape by implementing green roof technology. This plan is not only part of the NSW capital project for nature restoration. Such measures are planned for most of the larger cities and state capitals, including Melbourne, which has already been recognized as the world’s most liveable city.

The green revolution of Australia is on its way to turning the Southern Hemisphere into the top desired place for living in a global scale. By giving a fresh example of the benefits of connecting business with nature, ecology-oriented companies, such as commercial cleaners, non-profits and green builders are creating the foundation of the country’s greener future.

Clint is creative writer who collaborates with environmentally-aware companies, such as CommCleaners in Melbourne, to help them provide better cleaning and body corporate maintenance services to local Australians.