Survival in a Pill Bottle


Survival in a Pill Bottle

Believe it or not basic survival tools can be arranged and stored within the small confines of an average pill bottle.  As long as you do not intend on surviving multiple days out in the wilderness with just a survival kit stored in a pill bottle.  The survival kit in a pill bottle is intended to get you either through the day or through the night with some basic tools that will keep you warm, fed and hopefully dry until safety can be reached or until you can be found.  The greatest factor of keeping a survival kit in a pill bottle is that you can keep the pill bottle just about anywhere.  From your vehicle glove box to your backpack or even pants pockets, the survival in a pill bottle is designed to keep you alive.



Matches can come in handy especially if you are forced to spend overnight in the wilderness.  Matches can provide basic fire starting abilities so that a campfire can be made to keep you warm and keep predators away as well as to even cook your food.  Be sure to carry, if possible, waterproof matches, windproof matches or matches that can ultimately maintain resistance to extreme weather conditions.


Fishing Line and Hooks

Fishing line and hooks will come in handy when food is needed to be found.  More often than not small streams, lakes and even rivers are found all throughout the wilderness and with a little bit of time a fish can be eventually caught.  Many fishing hooks come with fishing line already tied for your convenience.  Take advantage of these fishing hooks and lines by storing them in your survival in a pill bottle.


Band Aids

It’s better to be safe than sorry by storing additional band aids.  As well as they really do not take up much space. The average pill bottle can store almost any amount of band aids.  Having roughly three or four band aids however will be plenty if only an overnight in the wilderness is anticipated.  Band aids will go a long way as to prevent any further infections from open wounds or sores if stumbling around in the wilderness especially if in the dark.


Wooden Clothespin

A wooden clothespin can surprisingly come in handy for all sorts of activities.  Whether it is for ensuring the fishing line and hooks are secured for catching small fish or for simply holding back pieces of clothing in order to make a tourniquet for extreme cuts or wounds.  It is better to have a wooden clothespin and not need it than to need it and not have one.


Sanitary Wipe

Ensure the prevention of infection from cuts, scrapes and small wounds by packing a sanitary wipe in your survival in a pill bottle.  This will help to clean out wounds that might occur from an emergency situation that forces you to stay overnight in the wilderness.  Sanitary wipes will also come in handy for small rashes if various plants are accidentally on your path to safety.


Twisty Ties

Believe it or not twisty ties can go a long way in the game of survival.  They are durable and usually will hold small amounts of weight.  For example, using twisty ties as a part of your fishing line and hooks to catch small fish will ensure that your line and hook doesn’t get away from you.  Also, twisty ties can be used as small markers around trees and bushes if you need to find your way back to a specific location.  Twisty ties are great and large quantities can be stored in small areas making them an excellent choice for a survival tool in a survival in a pill bottle.

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