Surprising Benefits of Mangosteen for Skin and Health


The mangosteen fruit comes from the Garcinia mangostana, a tropical evergreen tree which is native to Indonesia but also cultivated in other parts of south-east Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. While highly revered in the East, it is only fairly recently that the West has become more aware of this lovely fruit with a deep purple rind and sweet white flesh. This increased attention is mostly because of the health benefits that consumption of mangosteen can bring. This is largely because of the treasure trove of nutrients contained in this delicious tropical fruit.

Rich in Anti-oxidants

One of the best things about mangosteens is that they are an incredibly rich in compounds called polyphenols, known to have a very positive impact on bodily health. The particular polyphenols which mangosteen contains are known as xanthones, and mangosteen has both alpha mangosteen and gamma mangosteen in abundance. These xanthones are powerful antioxidants and have been proven to ward off issues like cardiovascular disease and degenerative diseases associated with free radical damage.

High-Fiber and Low-Calorie

Mangosteen is a fruit which dieters might want to consider as part of their meal plans, as it is very low in calories, clocking in at only 63 calories for a 100 gram serving. Another thing which makes mangosteen useful as a dietary aid is the fact that it is very high in fiber. Fiber is a great help to dieters as it improves the overall health of the digestive system and also helps to curb the appetite naturally, since fiber takes longer to digest and leaves the dieter feeling fuller for longer and thus more unlikely to overeat.

Good Source of Vitamin C

This fruit is also a good source for Vitamin C, and one serving will provide 12% of a person’s RDA. Vitamin C, like the xanthones, is also a strong antioxidant and is particularly useful in the cold and flu season, as it can strengthen the immune system and make it easier for your body to ward off these invasive viral infections. It is also excellent for women to take this during the course of their pregnancy.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Xanthones and other compounds in the mangosteen are natural anti-inflammatories. They can thus be extremely useful in natural, dietary therapy for a number of chronic inflammatory disease processes like arthritis or cardiac disease. These anti-inflammatory properties are also useful for the skin, as they can reduce redness, dryness and itchiness sometimes associated with conditions like acne or psoriasis.

Strong Antibacterial

The antibacterial properties of mangosteen make it a great choice for helping to strengthen the immune system. It can also be effective if used topically to help treat acne, since mangosteen can help to kill of the bacteria that is often the root cause of breakouts.

So try mangosteen today if you have not sampled it before. Not only with you be discovering a delicious new fruit to add to your repertory, you will also be consuming something that is nutrient rich and will bring a wide variety of health benefits with it.

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