Superfood Spotlight: Camu Camu Powder, a Vitamin C Powerhouse


Imagine being able to enjoy a food that’s loaded with more natural vitamin C than any other food source in the world. Hint: it’s not an orange. Camu Camu powder, considered a superfood due to its high levels of vitamin C (1/2 teaspoon of powder provides more than 400% the Daily Value) offers many health benefits ranging from decreased inflammation to anti-cancer benefits.

Additionally, the powder (from the Amazon’s camu camu berry) also contains a multitude of beneficial phytonutrients including beta-carotene, potassium and iron. Compared to an orange, camu camu powder has 10 times more iron and 30-50% more vitamin C. According to raw foodist Matt Monarch, “Vitamin C is imperative in growing our connective tissue . . .” noting that camu camu powder has the “. . . highest known source of vitamin C.”

7 Health Benefits of Camu Camu Powder

Wards off Colds

Colds, flu and other infections can be halted thanks to camu camu powder’s ascorbic acid. The acid has been shown to strengthen immune systems, preventing the onset of colds or diminishing their duration.

Anti-Cancer Abilities

Vitamin C has the ability to combat damaging free radicals that attack cells’ DNA. Because of its high vitamin C content, camu camu powder has antioxidant properties that play a role in cancer prevention. Remember, a 1/2 teaspoon of the powder contains over 400% the Daily Value of vitamin C.

Brain Protection

Some studies have suggested that this powerful powder can prevent neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s thought that regular ingestion of camu camu powder optimizes brain function for throughout a person’s life.

Improved Blood Circulation & Heart Protection

Camu camu powder is effective at keeping the blood flowing through arteries and veins, contributing to lessened plaque formation (narrowing of the arteries) that leads to a healthier heart, reduced blood pressure and overall good health.

Mood Stabilizer

Vitamin C plays a role in activating serotonin production, which is helpful in regulating mood, including fighting off depression. In the Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Healing, nutritionist and researcher Gary Null, Ph.D, lists nearly 20 plants with mood-balancing properties. Topping the list at #2? Camu camu. In fact, those recovering from depression can eat this superfood, even if they are receiving treatment from antidepressants.


In an oxidative stress article in the Journal of Cardiology, smokers who consumed camu camu juice had less inflammation than other study participants who took a vitamin C tablet. In fact, those taking the vitamin C tablet didn’t show a decrease in inflammation or oxidative stress at all. However, camu camu (not just juice form, but powder) doesn’t just benefit smokers. It has whole-body benefits, including protection against arthritis.

Herpes Virus Fighter

The herpes virus, which is dormant in every body until extreme lack of sleep and high stress levels hit, can be controlled thanks to the camu camu’s phytochemicals. In some cases, people noticed their genital herpes were resolved within 48 hours of consuming camu camu.

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