Suicide & Depression Linked to Silver Dental Fillings & Heavy Metal Toxicity


The following is a comment that I posted on Tim Ferriss’s latest blog post on suicide & depression. I wanted to post it here as well as I know many people will find it helpful.


“Thank you for such a powerful article.

I suffered from depression for most of my life. I had fantasies not of just simply killing myself but even torturing myself before I leave. The only thing that kept me from moving forward, was the thought that I may have to live with myself EVEN after I kill myself. After all, I didn’t know what’s going to happen afterward. And THAT I couldn’t take. So I just kept searching for solutions, for a way out.

I dabbled in personal development stuff, spirituality stuff, and health stuff. What made a difference the most for me was the health stuff. I applied as much of the personal improvement and spirituality things I learned until I was blue in the face. I did yoga, meditation, productivity tricks, rising early, green tea, exercise, dating, journaling, eating “healthy”, and NOTHING worked. And I really genuinely attempted to make all of those things work and gave them time. But they were fruitless. Just a waste of money and time.

To make a long story short, what I found out was that depression is really mostly just a symptom of bad mental health, which is in many cases a result of toxicity from mercury from dental fillings, and overall toxicity from chemicals in the environment. Many people have dental fillings that are leaching mercury into their body and their brain all day long, and that has been found to be a cause of depression and suicidal tendencies. I NEVER overcame my depression and feelings of anxiety and hate towards myself and life until I got rid of my dental fillings and detoxified mercury from my body, which wasn’t a quick nor an easy process.

I still feel a little down whenever I have a really bad day, but I no longer have feelings of depression and negativity that govern my life, and I actually feel gratitude and joy, even ecstasy, most of the time, something that I never even knew before. And the only thing that made this difference was removing my fillings and detoxifying my body from heavy metals.

Many people still think this is quackery, but it is not. It is all based on real, legitimate science. If you do the research you’ll find more than enough evidence. Just search for “mercury dental fillings suicidal tendencies” and look for legitimate research. But, most people just choose to not look where it’s uncomfortable. Big Pharma companies have more money than God, and have successfully brainwashed us to believe that doctors and pharmaceuticals like zoloft & lexapro are the only way to go, and anything else is quackery, snake oil, mumboo jumboo, voodoo, black magic, or “woo-woo”. But, all you have to do is look around and ask, how successful have we been so far? We are so far gone that we’re now reading articles about how to not kill ourselves on our iPhones.

This research document here, on the FDA’s website, citing over 500 studies, does a great job at compiling all the research related to mercury dental fillings and their effects on health, including depression and anxiety:

Here is a relevant quote from it:

Mercury can cause depression and mood disorders through increased neurological problems related to lowered levels of neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, noreprenephrine, and acetylcholinesterase . In such cases mercury has been found to accumulate in and affect the function of the brain limbic system. The reduced neurotransmitter levels in those with amalgam appear to be a factor encouraging smoking since nicotine increases these neurotransmitter levels and a much higher percentage of those with amalgam smoke than in those without amalgam.

Some of the effect on depression is related to mercury’s effect of reducing the level of posterior pituitary hormone(oxytocin). Low levels of pituitary function are associated with depression and suicidal thoughts, and appear to be a major factor in suicide of teenagers and other vulnerable groups. The pituitary glands of a group of dentists had 800 times more mercury than controls. This may explain why dentists have much higher levels of emotional problems, depression, suicide,etc. Amalgam fillings, nickel and gold crowns are major factors in reducing pituitary function. Supplementary oxytocin extract has been found to alleviate many of these mood problems, along with replacement of metals in the mouth.”

And another quote:

Animal studies of developmental effects of mercury on the brain have found significant effects at extremely low exposure levels, levels commonly seen in those with amalgam fillings or in dental staff working with amalgam.

Chronic mercury exposure has been found to be a significant factor in many neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, etc. Neurological problems are among the most common and serious problems caused by mercury and include memory loss, moodiness, depression, anger and sudden bursts of anger/rage/violence, self-effacement, suicidal thoughts, lack of strength/force to resolve doubts or resist obsessions or compulsions, etc. Many studies of patients with major neurological diseases have found evidence amalgam fillings may play a major role in development of conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, memory problems, and other more serious neurological diseases such as MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. A large U.S. CDC study found that those with more amalgam fillings have significantly more chronic health problems, especially neurological problems and cancer.

I have been researching and learning about this topic for nearly 10 years, and I am yet to go through all of the research on it. And yet, almost every doctor & health expert out there will still say that “there is no valid scientific evidence”. There is. We just prefer to live in the stone age. All the best to us…

You’ll find many “detox” protocols out there that claim to rid the body of heavy metals, like chlorella and cilantro supplements. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t really work, and even though a few of these products can help, they are not nearly enough for someone who is about to off themselves, to really overcome depression and suicidal feelings, heal the brain, detoxify it from heavy metals, and reverse the long-term damage made to it. The closest thing to an effective mercury & heavy metal detox is the protocol put together by Dr. Chris Shade.

Also, just so this comment is not only focused on mercury and dental fillings. Other things, health-related, helped me tremendously with my depression and my overall outlook on life. Getting off all junk food and garbage, cutting off sugar completely for a year and then staying on a very low sugar diet (fruits included), avoiding foods that didn’t agree with me, and avoiding anything that is potentially toxic, have played a key role in my recovery. But they wouldn’t have been enough had I not addressed mercury & heavy metal toxicity.

I have written very extensively on my site ( about my experience with depression and mercury & heavy metal detoxification, and about what I had the most success with when it comes to overcoming depression with detox and diet changes.

I hope someone finds this helpful.”


I strongly recommend reading the original post by Tim Ferriss as well which can be found here:


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