Why is Sugar Bad for You? The Truth that the Food Industry Hides


Experts concluded that an average American can consume up to 32 teaspoons of sugar in a day. This is equivalent to 126 grams given that each teaspoon is equal to 4 grams of sugar.

For someone who consumes a lot of sugar per day to increase his energy, this amount certainly produces a lot. However, experts cleared that it is not the case because the sugar consumed is refined, which is not helpful at all. By this, it only means that the amount of sugar you consume is destructive to your health.

The big question: if added sugar is not healthy, why then is the government not putting a stop to the food industry’s use of refined sugars? There are many reasons, but primarily, the food industry has already spent a lot on the production and advertisement of their products.

Spilling the truth will only cost them so much. Conversely, for the benefits of consumers, you should know that too much sugar consumption is bad because it does not only make you fat, but also sick. This paradigm not only has a basis, but a 15-year study to support the truth behind it.

Researchers concluded that people who consumed more than a quarter of their daily calories as sugar were more than twice as likely to die than those who restricted their intake to less than 10 percent.

So, why is sugar bad for you?

Added or refined sugars pack a lot of calories but don’t bring in any essential nutrients. For this reason, they are often referred to as “empty calories.”

It is Addictive

Ever experienced wanting to just have a bite of chocolate, but found yourself unable to stop after the first bite? You feel that urge not because you love chocolates.

Evidence showed that it is a neurobiological event wherein your brain’s reward system is stimulated after consuming anything that is sweet. Thus, instead of stopping and limiting yourself, you tend to consume more. That is what makes it addictive than cocaine.

Deceitful Diet Drinks

Did you know that about 180,000 deaths in the world are linked to sugary drinks? These drinks don’t only include sodas, but also other diet or energy drinks. In fact, a 20-ounce energy drink contains 9 teaspoons of sugar. If you are going to follow WHO’s suggested sugar consumption in teaspoons for a 2,000 calorie diet, the sugar content in an energy drink is already a lot.

Is it advisable then to consume energy drinks when going to the gym? Expert Fabio Comana, a professor at San Diego State University, says it’s not advisable. Water is usually enough since your diet will take care of everything.

Substitutes? They are Not Even Healthy!

They say that a can of coke contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, if you are on a diet, you may want to take the alternative – a can of diet soda. The question is “is this good enough?”

No. At most, these substitute drinks can significantly affect your health. Studies show that these drinks can cause obesity, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome due to the artificial sweeteners they contain.

Other than these diseases, the main reason why sugar is bad for you is that too much consumption of it comes with too many health risks. The list below is just some of the many risks that accompany too much sugar consumption:

  • Overloads & damages liver
  • Tricks the body into increasing weight, resulting in insulin resistance which leads to diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Increases uric acid levels
  • Sugar is also terrible for the teeth, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.
  • Elevates insulin levels causing higher risk of cancer
  • Increases risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders

To conclude, even foods that seem healthy contain added sugars. For you to know that what you are getting is truly healthy, you need to educate yourself on possible hidden sources of sugar. Check the food labels every time as well. Otherwise, you are only spending your money on something that increases calories and makes you sick but lacks any nutritional benefits.

Sources: Washington Post, Daily Burn, Authority Nutrition, and Health Harvard Blog

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