Substitute the Internet for Your T.V


I have fond memories of waking up early on Saturday mornings and softly walking out of the family room to the T.V lounge just to watch early morning cartoons when I was in elementary school. When I reached my high school I was more interested in the action/thrill oriented movies or TV shows in the evening when I used to get free from my school. A little while later, I found that I just didn’t have a single hour to spare to watch mindless thrilling entertainment at a given time slot, and I no longer watched TV at all. Those days were gone when I used to watch those ridiculous heroes and humorous cartoons every now and then.

I have recently discovered that films and shows can be downloaded without going through any kind of hassle or laziness. 20-minute length short films which are just posted online for anyone to download. Many of them are better than high budget T.V shows that stream so liberally to your T.V box, especially when you acknowledge the fact that despite of the production values not being high still someone has invested the time into the product, which genuinely drives satisfaction which is beyond the feeling of watching some obsolete T.V show which has now reached its 16th series and just churning out the money makers.

Cartoons have been my first port of call and it’s been a long time since I got up early and watched some animated entertainment, In fact, cartoons on T.V these days are largely trash. I was introduced to the first online cartoon of my life, the enormously hilarious and popular “Sofia the First Show Online”. The website I watched it on was fantastic, but these longish games and cartoons with new ones being included every now and then.

More animated wonders can be found at Atom Films which has become a free service now. Also worth a look is “ifilm” which has a lot more to offer like lower-bandwidth streams of films for absolutely free. You have to be slightly attentive here because there’s a certain section which is uncensored and occasionally some films will be apparent on the main page which aren’t appropriate enough and entirely family-friendly. There are a lot more websites which showcase several short films from the range of live action to animated ones.

A lot of people like me are action/thrill fans; there are multiple of ‘Stunt crews’ out there, putting their life at risk just to show you the thrill you intend to see and which looks super realistic on screen. You might as well wish that you could have been just as half talented as they appear to be.  This group “The Stunt People”, they have a large number of videos available online but most of them are filled with tricking entertainment and martial arts. Similarly, not as stunt oriented as them, but “Jabronie pictures” also contains movies which are highly violence oriented so you might have to give it a check before watching it with your younger children.

There are many people who claim that T.V can be used to cope up with the events happening in the world. Folks who are socially minded can be helped by a quick search ‘News video streams’ as it will reveal a large number of pages. If by any chance you think that you have some spare time and there’s nothing on the T.V then try shifting to the computer and basking in the fascinating entertainment provided by many highly talented people out there who just want to share their creativity and innovation. Try coping up with happenings around the globe.

Movies and TV shows can often play a significant role as stress busters for people who are quite stressed out from their daily routine or mostly when their workload is astonishing. Also, when people are encountering emotional anxiety they tend to be more finicky and their minds need relaxation; that is the point of time when their favorite movies or TV shows can help them to a certain extent by putting their minds off the pressure and helping them relax. Anxiety or depressions can often be defeated or eradicated by diverting your mind on something which pulls your interest, such as your favorite movies, TV shows, or even activities.

Online TV shows or movies have made life quite easier for people who are suffering from any kind of pressure or depression because it has now become really easy for folks to download their favorite movies or TV shows with just a click away. In fact in the coming era, things are supposedly going to get way easier than what we’re experiencing right now and people wouldn’t spare much time to watch TV or go through the hassle of going and getting their favorite TV shows.


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Sofia The First Show Online – American Computer-Animated Television Series

The Stunt People – Independent Stunt Group