Study: Himalayan SALT LAMPS Improve Mental Clarity, Air Quality & Sleep Cycles


Salt is a wonderful thing. Not only does it give our food taste and flavor – it also can work wonders for your health. Himalayan pink salt has gained notoriety in the recent years for it numerous health perks. The age old table salt does not hold a candle to this variety. It is being hailed as the king of salts and rightly so because it is pumped with calcium, iron, magnesium as well as potassium.

All types of wireless systems that we are using today are releasing ions into the environment. This leads to the creation of electronic smog that is continuously harming our body.

These positive ions cause a wide range of other health problems like mental issues, insomnia, and allergies to name a few. All these health hazards appear because this electronic smog is more than 20 times higher than what our brain is capable of withstanding. It is critical that we start neutralizing these harmful ions. These are positive ions. So you must create negative ions to neutralize them!

G.S. Rahi, associate professor of Physical Science at Fayetteville State University, had the following to say in regards to the benefits of Himalayan pink salt.

They say salt is the earth’s mineral, but even better than regular (sodium laden) table salt, Himalayan pink salt has a wide variety of health benefits as, it contains, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium and highly regarded as the king of the all salts.

Apparently, chunks of pink salt (as lamps) produce ions and can help you with migraines, some skin conditions, insomnia, allergies and other disorders.

What can neutralize positive ions?

Study find that placing salt lamps around your home can work wonders to reduce the amount of unhealthy positive ions in your home.

How can you get the negative ions out of the Himalayan salts?

The solution lies in using a Himalayan salt lamp. It comes fitted with everything you will need. It has a bulb and salt, and the bulb will heat the salt and release the negative ions.

When there is high humidity, the salt can turn humid. But the heat from the bulb can evaporate the moisture. It will neutralize and remove all the positive ions from your environment.


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