Study: Adding Sugar to Water Can Boost Endurance Better Than Energy Drinks


According to new study adding a spoonful of sugar to water could give you more of a boost to performance than forking out money for some sports drinks that only contain glucose.

Scientists from the University of Bath, in the UK, have found the link between tiredness and the level of sugar in the liver. It is found that when the subjects all male and experienced riders ingested water containing sucrose, rather than water with glucose, they found cycling easier. The carbohydrate stores in our liver are vitally important when it comes to endurance exercise as they help us to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Sucrose, in refined form, is the sugar commonly used as a powdered additive, while glucose is a carbohydrate known as simple sugars. Both types of sugar can be quickly absorbed by the body to produce energy. (i) (ii) (iii)

Reasons to Not to Drink Energy Drinks

-Increases Stress and Anxiety
-Contains High Levels of Sugar
-Contains Artificial Sweeteners
-Causes Adrenal Fatigue-
-Can Lead to Vitamin B Toxicity
-Carries Potential for Allergic Reactions (iv)

Drinks That Will Make You Full of Energy

Lemon and Honey Energy Drink


1/3 Cup lemon juice
1/4 Cup honey
1 Quart water
1/4 Teaspoon salt
1/4 Teaspoon baking soda


Mix all of these ingredients together and chill. You can also switch out the water and substitute fruit juice. It’s very good for long walks, bicycling, jogging……anytime you need a little energy.

Ginseng and Lemon Energy Drink


4 small gingko or ginseng tea bags
2 quarts water
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 cups sugar or sugar substitute
1 large or 2 small herbal tea bags


In a medium pitcher, brew all the tea bags in 1 quart of water. Add the lemon juice to a large pitcher. Add the sugar and the remaining water and mix well. Pour the tea into the lemonade mix and stir. Refrigerate and serve chilled. (v) (vi)

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