Struggling With Your Health? How Healthy Australians Are Fighting The Obesity Trend


According to this IRI-Aztec study, Australians are spending an increasing amount of their grocery budget on unhealthy foods and tobacco. This data highlights what a lot of people already know; consumers are eating a lot of junk, and their health is suffering because of it. When you combine this with a lack of exercise, Australians are looking at a future filled with heart disease, obesity and diabetes.


Fortunately, you can do something about this; it’s not difficult to change your habits for a healthier and happier lifestyle. Check out these habits of healthy Australians, and copy them to help get your health back on track:


Think Of Yourself First


If you want to be healthy, you need to think of your body every single time you go shopping. Sure, there are times when you’ll need to go to work parties or social engagements to eat food that isn’t great for you, but you need to figure out when to put your foot down. Make feeling good your priority when you shop; celebrate and socialize when it’s appropriate, but when you shop for groceries, always consider what’s best for your body.


Shop The Store’s Perimeter


If you avoid the middle of the supermarket, you avoid grains, sweets and trans-fat laden foods. Stick to the perimeter of your store, and fill your basket with lean meats, veggies and fruits. Buy what is good for you, and make sure to avoid the temptations that are found in your store’s aisles.


Drink Water


According to the IRI-Aztec study that we mentioned earlier, people in Australia are drinking tons of soda. Fizzy water that’s laden with sugar isn’t good for you, so healthy people tend to stick to water when they’re thirsty. If you’re not a fan of water, spice it up with a lemon, strawberry or some mint; your body needs water for health, so avoid soda as much as possible.


Exercise Like You Mean It


If you want to live a long and healthy life, you need to stay active. Healthy Australians make sure to build muscles with activities like tennis, weight lifting, yoga and outdoor jogging. Try to get some vigorous exercise at least three times a week, and on your days off, take the stairs instead of an escalator.


Indulge Without Overeating


You don’t have to completely stop eating your favorite foods, but make sure to keep your portions under control. Indulge once in a while, but fill your plate with tons of veggies to keep yourself from overindulging on fatty, salty and sweet foods.


Learn How To Read Nutrition Labels


Packing labels on foods can be tricky; it’s very possible for something to be 100 percent fat-free, but if it has 30 grams of sugar in it, the food isn’t healthy. Always read labels before buying your food, and don’t depend on the food’s packaging to decide whether it is healthy or not.


Avoid Trends


Avoid pills, powders and diet trends. If you consistently buy healthy foods from your grocery store, you’ll feel better, and you’ll see your waistline shrink. There’s no quick fix in a bottle, but if you make small changes and stick to them, your diet will be a success.


Keeping lean and staying healthy is challenging, but it’s easier when you take small steps towards health. When you change your lifestyle, your weight will go down, and your energy levels will skyrocket. Take control of your life today; change your shopping habits to avoid the junk that is making many Australians sick and obese. If you’d like to head down under, then talk to Hunt Migration, the legal migration experts in Australia. They prepared this article to shine some light on just how good they’ve got it down there.