Why You Still Got Sick Despite Thinking You Ate Healthy


It’s been years since you started eating healthy, so when you got sick, you then stopped believing eating healthy can actually prevent disease…

For millions of people here, this is their eventual thought, even if they don’t admit it. No one wants to admit what they thought was healthy and preventing disease, actually never did, right? How embarrassing that is for anyone! Imagine spending $1,000s every year for decades, on vitamins, minerals, supplements, probiotics, protein powders you thought were healthy and then exercising at the gym twice a week, going to yoga, running regularly, stretching and whatever else you think is good for you, just to realize what a gigantic waste of time and money doing all that was, once you got sick!

Well, Guess What – Results Speak Louder Than Words!

You can claim you eat healthier than anyone, but if you get sick, then that must mean you were very wrong, right? Whoever or whatever told you what is healthy was clearly wrong! You believed the wrong person, you believed the propaganda, you believed the wrong books and magazines and probably believed the wrong ‘health reports’. You see, 99.99% of everything you ever read or hear about is designed to get you sick and keep you sick, and the creators of all this fake health news all simply want  to distract you from a sea of health lies by using the real people in your life you care about the most as their messengers; they could use your friends, family, favorite celebs and especially your doctor, to spew their health lies. And if you’re like every other sick person out there, you most likely believed them, which is why you got sick and are most likely still sick!

By now you must be able to see what I am telling you here – the more health lies you believe, the longer you remain sick. When you hear someone dies from cancer, diabetes or heart disease, just to name a few, you assume immediately that that is what caused their deaths, right? Wrong!

You Cannot Die From Cancer, Diabetes Or Heart Disease, But You Can Very Much Die From All The Highly Invasive Treatments That Come With Those Diagnoses.

For example, radiation and chemo kill million of men, women, and children every year, NOT cancer! Toxic, fake insulin injections kill millions of men, women, and children every year, NOT diabetes! Heart Disease drugs and their very dangerous effects kill millions of men, women, and children every year, NOT heart disease! Can you see what I am telling you here? You will never hear or read about this fact from any popular ‘health book’, popular ‘health magazine’, popular ‘health article’ or popular ‘health site’, OK?

So stop wasting your time on ANY of that toxic ‘health news’ that will only prove to shorten your life in the end. And for my last piece of advice, please read ingredients before you eat or drink anything! Hate reading labels? Well, you have two choices then, buy it anyway for you and your family to eat or drink and then, of course, all of you die sooner OR join me in fighting to live longer and stronger, so you can actually see flying cars one day. Don’t you want to ride in flying cars? Then you must fight to stay healthy for as long as you can and learn how to ignore fake health news that keeps you sick, so join me!





Dr Wayne
Food Scientist and Prolific Writer
It's a privilege to be writing for NaturalNews, because truth is so hard to find these days. Truth is not something you create, but find! If you are one of the fortunate few to find this truth, then you can finally be free from the pain and suffering so many others out there must endure every day of their life.

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