Steps to Eliminate Candida & Regain Your Health


What is Candida, and how does it spread?

Candida is a mutated form of yeast and its role in the body is to aid in the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system. A small amount is also found in the mouth and esophagus. If contained in the digestive system, which is one of the responsibilities of gut bacteria, candida is virtually harmless. However, if the immune system becomes compromised, gut bacteria will have a very difficult time containing candida. With a weak immune system, candida is able to replicate without interference. Once the overproduction of these spores occurs, candida will migrate and force its way out of the digestive system and enter the bloodstream. Once this occurs, candida will wreak havoc throughout your body by releasing toxins and creating an acidic environment wherever it goes. Candida can reproduce faster than any cell in our body and it survives by constantly mutating. There are actually over 20 different species of known candida. It is one of the most fascinating, yet dangerous life forms known to man. Many researchers believe that an outbreak of candida is the root cause of over 98% of known diseases…that includes cancer. So how can we protect ourselves from encountering this deadly infection? And, how can we eliminate it?

Steps to Protect Ourselves and Eliminate an Overgrowth of Candida

1. Cutting sugar out of your diet should be the first step. Candida rely on sugar as its source of food, especially artificial sweeteners. Whether it’s refined, unrefined, processed, or unprocessed, eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible. The only acceptable sugars to consume should come from vegetables and fruit.

2. Avoid such things as, alcohol  (yes, alcohol), refined carbohydrates, anything that is fermented, vinegar (with the exception of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar), dairy, animal protein (sorry steak lovers), tobacco products, and pharmaceutical drugs.

3. Introduce naturally occurring anti-fungals such as: unrefined-cold-pressed-organic coconut oil, raw-unfiltered-organic apple cider vinegar,  grapefruit seed extract, oil of wild oregano, cat’s claw, astaxanthin, organic green tea, organic Pau D’Arco tea, and organic garlic.

4. Alkalize your body. Because of processed foods and GMO’s, the inside of the average human body is slightly acidic. Some more acidic than others. Candida thrive in an acidic environment. Therefore, by naturally raising your body’s pH, this will tremendously help eliminate an overgrowth of candida. The optimal pH range lies between 7.2 and 7.6. You can test your body’s pH by urinating on a strip of pH paper when you first wake up in the morning. Avoiding the items listed in #2, and consuming more organic produce will help alkalize your body. Drink plenty of purified water with fresh, organic lemon up to 4-5 glasses per day. Use a straw to avoid corrosion damage to tooth enamel.

5. Exercise and Avoid Stress. Exercise is a fantastic way to boost your metabolism and to remove waste from your body. Exercise also helps reduce stress and boost the immune system. Avoiding stress is a great way to battle candida simply because during stressful situations, the hormone cortisol is released into the bloodstream. Cortisol has the unique ability to raise blood sugar…and what feeds off sugar?…Candida.

Using these 5 steps, you can protect yourself or eliminate the threat of a candida overgrowth. Fighting candida can be a long fought battle, so stick with it. Remember to always choose organic foods, and stay away from GMO’s. Stay healthy and live long!

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– NoMDdoctor

Michael Swiderski
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