Stepping Up Your Pet’s Nutrition with the Right Ingredients


Proper nutrition for your pets is essential to their living a long and healthy life. In the same way your diet affects your well being, your pets are also affected by what they digest. One of the first things that we are taught when working at adjusting our eating habits, is to read the food product labels.

The purpose of reading these labels is to familiarize ourselves with the nutritional and non-nutritional value of what we intake. We must learn to do the same for our pets. You may be giving them what you think is best and it may be high quality food, but does it tend to your pet’s individual needs? What is the proper diet for overweight pets, for those with arthritis or those with hyperactive behavior?

Standard pet foods sold in most supermarkets and convenience stores generally target each pet category (i.e., big dogs, puppies, kittens and cats). We need to feed our pets food that actually caters to their individual needs. There are some pet food brands that produce all natural foods. Royal Canin broke the mold when it comes to pet food. They not only offer a natural nutritional diet, their regimen caters to your pet’s specific needs. Their products target specific breeds, ailments, allergies, sizes and behavioral factors.

Petbarn has a nice selection of their products for purchase, which included Royal Canin and other pet nutritional products. The formulas for the meals they develop are made of, common and not so common, natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients may even raise an eyebrow. I bet you never thought chicken feathers, hydrolized soy or worm meal were actually a useful dietary supplement for dogs.

We can supplement what we pick off the shelves with grains, proteins and vitamins that will tend to their needs, too. For example, B-group vitamins and zinc are key nutrients for healthy skin and coats. Probiotics and fiber support their digestive system and intestinal tract. Vet Shop Australia has a huge selection of multivitamin supplements for your pet to choose from. To learn which natural foods hold the most nutritional value, visit the website for the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia.

Veronica Davis