Step Up To The World Of Natural Medicine and Start Living


You always find disclaimers in books and  “heath food stores” saying things like; “Be sure to first ask your doctor if you should take herbs” or “Remember herbal medicine has it’s limits” or “Herbs can’t really cure disease, they can just help your immune system” or then there is always, “Please check to see if there are any contra-warnings for taking herbs with your pharmaceuticals”  

But wait, hold it right there. I like that last one! Over the years it has become clear to me that pharma-drugs always seem to block the healing effect of herbs (Or cause a real fight in the body’s system) In fact there truly is not much herbs can do for you if you are taking most any pharmaceutical drugs. Well this sounds to me, like a darn good reason and a darn good time  to get off of all your pharma-meds and step up to the world of natural medicine.  (Now don’t forget that sometimes you can’t  just get off any pharma-drug  “cold turkey” so if withdrawal is an issue you can always “wean” off drugs over one or two weeks time)

Oh, but you say, “I couldn’t do that, my doctor would kill me Well those are well chosen words!  Isn’t he already killing you? What kind of wholesome organic food or medicine has he given you lately? Ever thought about how meds are made? Just from plants right? Well not since about 1901. They are now all synthesized from petroleum and separated with all kinds of chemical solvents.

The biggest mistake people make when getting off their drugs is telling their doctor. Please remember to NEVER TELL YOUR DOCTOR! Just kind of “sneak out the back door” and tell him you have another doctor if you have to.  Doctors will make sure to make life very uncomfortable for you if they know you stepped out of their pharma-drug controlled world. In fact you may have been right with your first statement of,  “My doctor would kill me”. 

You should always remember agenda 21 and how our medical schools have brainwashed our doctors. They are not trained to keep us alive anymore. Their job is totally aligned with government agenda and most of them don’t even realize it. In fact they are the perfect pawns in the game. Look how easily they were trained to push these deadly drugs in medical school. I must ask you how could they know so much about how our body’s function and somehow not know that pharma-drugs kill? It is a very thorough brainwashing. 

Often I hear, “Oh my gosh, I could never get off my heart drugs!” Oh really? I can not begin to tell you how many people I have seen replace heart drugs for just about every heart disorder imaginable with a single Chinese herb called Dan Shen. And guess what? Their hearts leveled off perfectly after only a few days.

Or “But my doctor says if I don’t stay on my Statin drugs and keep my cholesterol down I will have a heart attack”  Oh yea, that’s right, the only reason our livers make that nasty stuff called cholesterol is so we can have a heart attack or stroke down the road, right? I guess he forgot to tell you that cholesterol is necessary for reproducing any type of cell in your body. (Including brain cells)

Did he also tell you there is good and bad cholesterol? (Which is a total lie) Cholesterol is just Cholesterol (Although it can be rancid) the stuff he calls “good and bad” are just LDL and HDL protein binders that help bind cell building protein to your blood and carry it to and from your liver. And we need them both! Most doctors don’t even know that. Please watch the video found on this page about the Big Cholesterol Lie.

Then you often hear, “But herbs can’t do what modern medicine can do for bacterial and viral infections” 

Well I can tell you I am alive today because of herbs. I had a Walking Viral Pneumonia condition for years when the doctors almost killed me.  I would always get a secondary bacterial infection which they would give me around a million units of penicillin for. My immune system was so compromised that I caught the Chicken Pox (For the second time which is not supposed to happen) and I caught it from my own son. They finally told me they just did not have the anti-viral that would kill the infection and if they kept giving me so much penicillin I would completely lose my immune system and die. Well to make a long story short I cured the virus with Osha Root and later came up with a formula called Viral Defense that is so powerful against viral flu and most any virus that it put our brand new herb business, Plant Cures, on the map. That was about 30 years ago.

An herbal formula of 6 herbs  called Clear Toxic Heat will kill any kind of spirochete bacteria including lyme and syphilis.

Coptis Root (Huang Lian)  used as a single herb will kill H-pylori and just about any bacterial infection working much faster than any pharma-drug. It does this without hurting your immune system one bit! Coptis root  is often jokingly called “Chinese Penicillin”

As a side note to any of you fellow ranchers out there, Coptis cured a very bad case of  Scours in our 2 month old calf in just two days. He is now a prize bull!  More often then not calves will die from this even with the standard protocol of heavy tetracycline for two weeks. Don’t tell me herbs can not cure disease! 

But hey, lets just stick with good ol’ pharma drugs and die an early death so we can support are wonderful prarma/medical system! (Forgive me for the sarcasm but I hope I made my point)

If you would like to read much more about not getting duped by the medical and food industries please get a copy of my new book entitled “His Hand Has Provided” here.

Chris Gussa
Chris Gussa is the Owner, founder and formulator for Plant Cures Incorporated. ( ) A family owned business since 1992 handcrafting over one hundred and fifty serious herbal products for specific disorders with over fifty tonic herbal products. People know these formulas work and Plant Cures has never needed to advertise.

Plant Cures Incorporated is here for those who keep their bodies running on what God has provided and for those who do not trust the Pharma/Medical system due to bad experiences or due to just good common sense!

Chris is also an Arizona Cattle Rancher raising grass-fed organically grown black Saler cattle. His small herd is well known for their prolific and gentle black polled Saler bulls.

Chris wrote the best selling book entitled “His Hand Has Provided” – “A Christian Cowboys Guide To Nutrition And Natural Healing With Herbs” It is available at as well as all major book stores.