Staying Ahead of Flu Season


With three kids four and under, the last thing we want is to spend our week stuck at home because one (or all) of us is sick.

Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to ready our immune systems and our house for flu season. In addition to the healthy lifestyle habits we follow all year (clean eating, probiotics, lots of sleep, exercise, vitamin d), I have a few thing we add in when fall roles around.

First up, we boost our immune system with all the usual suspects: liposomal vitamin c, vitamin d (so important during the winter months), garlic, turmeric, probitics. This is, of course, in addition to eating lots of greens (raw, juiced and cooked) and lots of good fats (eggs, olive oils and nuts).

We also make sure we are drinking lots of good, clean water and getting good sleep every night.

In addition, we take clay baths once a week to help our body detox from all the insults our environment throws at it. Chlorella and spirullina are great for that as well.

We also become much more disciplined with our use of essential oils. While we use them for many different things throughout the whole year. We double down during flu season. I apply thieves on the bottom of the feet, frankinsence on the spine, and we drink water with lemon oil every morning.

This routine takes work, but once it becomes habit, you will be amazed and how much better you feel, and how much stronger your immune system is!


If you would have any questions, or would like to know more about essential oils, please leave me a comment, and I am happy to help!

S Altman