Statins–beneficial or big money maker?


Statin drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry, despite the fact that study after study questions their use and safety.

Surely if your medical doctor understood healing the body at the cellular level; the method of action of statin drugs; and the enormous amount of lawsuits resulting from their use —he would not even consider them a viable option.

Hormones are chemical messengers that tell every cell, organ, system, etc. what to do. All hormones are made from cholesterol. In order to carry out the hormonal commands on time and correctly, every hormone has specific enzymes and co-factors that must be present. One of those cofactors for the production of cholesterol is Coenzyme Q10.

There is no such thing as good or bad cholesterol. If cholesterol is made in your liver—then logic would tell you that the quality of that cholesterol would be dependent upon what type of oil you put into your liver. You wouldn’t put used junkyard oil in your expensive sports car would you? If you put oil from a junkyard in your expensive sports car, you could expect it to stick to the valves and eventually burn out your engine. And yet—many people eat bad oil like five-day-old French fry grease on a daily basis and wonder why they have clogged arteries and inflammation. Good oil, on the other hand, produces healthy cholesterol, which is critically necessary for every cell in your body to run smoothly and is the precursor to all your hormones. Good oil, like coconut, avocado, fresh pressed olive oil in glass bottles—will produce good cholesterol.

Statins have absolutely nothing to do with producing good oil that lubricates or bad oil that inflames. Statins work by blocking the coenzyme factor Q10 that is necessary to produce all cholesterol in the liver. The reason being, that by blocking all cholesterol, you block “bad” for sure.

Isn’t that like giving every kid at the lunch table after school detention because one kid was talking? Statins are flawed science. Why are they still being prescribed to millions of humans?

“Lipitor is by far the most profitable drug in the history of mankind among all pharmaceutical products, let alone being the most profitable cholesterol drug before its patent expired at the end of 2011. Sales to date from this one particular cholesterol-lowering statin drug have exceeded $140 billion.” (Health Impact News listed below)

Find your truth.

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