How To Start Working Out If You Hate It


This post is not for people who spend all of their free time in a gym. Professional athletes who exercise every day can also move on to the next article. All the other people who have regular feelings such as laziness, boredom or fatigue may actually find it quite useful.  

Lately people have been crazy about working out and being fit. Saying that you don’t like running or exercising may cause some disapproving looks and judging comments. What? Dont you like running? Are you ill? Or dont you just get it?

No, I’m not ill. I do understand the good influence of physical exercises. I just don’t like it, though. I don’t like sweating in a crowded stuffy gym. I don’t get it how you spend so much times running around the stadium. And I have no intentions to amaze everyone around with the perfection of my body.

Nevertheless, I spend at least an hour per day exercising. Every day. In winter and in summer. For many years. Why do I do that? I do that to be healthier, of course. Practically all the scientific researches scream about the use of the right amount of physical training (right amount!).

Sport is something that has become a habit of mine and that helps me fight laziness and boredom. I have a couple of secrets that helped me to start enjoying working out and hopefully they can help you, too.

  1. Make your trainings as short as possible. Three two-hour trainings per week sound great. They also sound very long and tiring. Short 10-minute trainings every day seem much more appealing and real. And you cannot make excuses here because everyone can find 10-15 minutes a day even if you are the busiest person you know.
  2. Choose the activity you like.Try to find a physical activity that you are the most comfortable with. Don’t believe all the gym ads saying that you can only get in shape if you buy a membership in their gym and work with coaches. It can be equally good for you to ride a bike with pleasure or to swim instead of lifting heavy weights cursing everything around. Any physical activities are good for you; those that you do with pleasure are even better.
  3. Give your brain some work to do.Many people who have a lot of brain work don’t like sport only because they find it boring. Their brain is used to get and process new information, look for problems’ solutions and create new ideas. When you exercise, it is your muscles that do the entire job and your brain, not used to this treatment, gets bored and asks you to stop this nonsense. Try to engage it in something while you exercise: listen to music or some interesting podcast or even watch a movie.
  4. Don’t set the impossible goals.Someone might say that a poster with Schwarzenegger can motivate you to reach the same results. However, quite often the total discrepancy between this poster and the reflection in a mirror kills your hope and desire to work out. That is why you should set reasonable and clear goals that you can actually achieve in the future. It’ll make you more confident about what you do.
  5. Be more active in your everyday life. Who said that exercising requires locking yourself in a gym? If you don’t like it, try to use everything around you as your personal gym. Stop using elevators and take the stair, take walks in the evening or during your lunch time or ride a bike instead of driving a car. Why not?

Give it a try and do everything on the list. Who knows, maybe you’ll like sports after that. Good luck!


About the author:

Adam Mann is an editor, writer and content manager at Assignment Jedii. In his free time he loves to travel and to spend time with his wife and kids.



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