Soursop: New Hope to Fight Cancer


Until recently, it is likely that most people had never even heard of the soursop. It is the fruit of an evergreen plant which is native to South America and is part of the cuisines of countries as diverse as Mexico, Columbia, Peru and several Caribbean islands. And now it is gaining recognition around the world as a possible new treatment for cancer.

More About this Amazing Plant

The incredible thing about the soursop is that the entire plant has medicinal properties: not just the fruit, but the leaves and roots as well. Going back to ancient times, various peoples in South America would boil the leaves into a tea which was used for ailments like liver problems and diabetes. It has also been used as means of relieving pain and breaking fever in children. It is nutrient-rich and can benefit health overall, but recently its efficacy as a treatment for cancer has come to light.

Mainstream Cancer Treatment Options

In spite of the many advances made in cancer treatment options in recent decades, when faced with this diagnosis, patients still basically have three choices: surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy (and often some combination of the three). The problem is that all three choices carry their own specific risks and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be, frankly, devastating: severe nausea, diarrhea, mouth sores, weakness, fatigue and, in the case of radiation therapy, burns. It is little wonder then why so many patients seek alternative treatments and why so many people are excited about soursop as a natural cancer therapy option.

Soursop and Cancer

Recent research on soursop is promising, and many scientists believe that this plant might hold great promise for cancer treatment. What is even more exciting is that evidence is showing that not only is treatment with soursop as effective as chemotherapy, but that compounds in the plant have the ability to kill off cancer cells while still leaving healthy tissue unharmed – a major challenge in mainstream cancer therapy. In addition to its ability to destroy cancer cells without side effects, soursop can also protect the immune system and strengthen it, restore energy levels (since fatigue is such a major cancer symptom) and re-establish normal functioning of the organs.

Several laboratory studies have found it useful in the treatment of several types of cancer as well. This list includes cancer of the colon, prostate, breast, lung and pancreas.

You may have problems finding soursop as a fresh fruit here in the United States, but some health food stores carry it as a juice and it is also available as a supplement. Talk to your practitioner and discuss whether adding this to your regimen is right for you, particularly if you are looking at natural, holistic cancer treatment options.


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