Soursop Leaves Tea- Fight Cancer, Treat Type 2 Diabetes, Great Diuretic And More


Soursop is a heart shaped, green colored tropical fruit. This fruit can be found mainly in Nigeria. Now this plant is cultivated commercially owing to its culinary as well as medicinal purposes. This small evergreen tree with large glossy dark green leaves grows to a height of 5 to 6 meters. Soursop has huge medicinal value. However, our attention actually turns to the tree as it has been proven that its bark, leaves and roots are highly medicinal and beneficial to our health. Soursop tea is used to treat gallbladder diseases. The extract obtained from the leaves and stems is used to effectively fight cancer cells.

Nutrition Fact of Soursop

Soursop fruit is rich in fiber and vitamins. Significant levels of vitamins B1, B2 and C are also found in Soursop. Soursop fruit contains a high level of carbohydrates and fructose, which is a natural sugar.

Useful in Cancer treatment

The leaves of the graviola tree have powerful anti-cancer properties coming from phytochemicals in the plant and is very effective for prostate cancer, pancreas and lung. 10 old distinguished soursop leaves boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining 1 cup, drink 2 times daily for 2 weeks. Soursop leaves can be used as an even more efficacious chemotherapy because only kill cells that grow abnormally and let the cells grow normally. Attacking cancer cells effectively because it does not harm to healthy cells, and does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss.

Stronger immune system

Soursop has a lot of excellent properties that are necessary to keep your immune system strong. These properties kill free radicals and ensure your immune system is at optimum health so it can effectively perform its functions such as warding off diseases.

Back Pain

If you have any problems with your waist, try to make a potion of soursop leaves. Take 20 pieces soursop leaves and boil with 5 cups of water. Allow to boil and the remaining 3 cups. Drink this mixture ¾ cup once a day.

Great Diuretic

Soursop is really a effective food source for moisture, with nearly 84% of a Soursop fruit being water. Several use Soursop like a natural diuretic for edema or perhaps retention of water, that has resulted in swelling and also excess weight. Soursop’s higher moisture content likewise helps eliminate the urinary system for avoidance and extra support fordealing with (UTI), urethritis, and also hematuria.

High Blood Pressure

Soursop leaves are effective in reducing high blood pressure due to their potassium content. The tea made out of the leaves is very effective for hypertensive people as it increases urine secretion and in this way the extra salt is flushed out from the body.

Type 2 Diabetes

In the treatment of type 2 diabetes this tea has been known to be quite effective. It helps by promoting insulin sensitivity in our body cells enabling them use up the glucose in our body and hence significantly lower the sugar in our blood. Regular consumption of this tea will help diabetics tremendously.

Healthy Heart And Nerve

Because soursop can aid in proper blood circulation, boost metabolism and prevent damage to your nerves, you will have a better functioning heart and your nervous system will also be less likely to get damaged as you grow older.

Prevents UTI

Soursop is a superb source of vitamin C, a nutrient that boosts the acidity level of urine, leading to reduced amount of unwanted organisms which may be contained in the urinary tract. Various other high vitamin C fruits consist of papaya, kiwifruit, strawberries and guava.

How to make soursop tea?

-Boil a cup of water in a small container
-Take 3-4 fresh or dried soursop leaves and tear them into small pieces
-Put the crushed leaves in the water, allowing it to boil at a medium temperature for another 30 minutes
-Strain the tea once it is ready
-A teaspoonful of honey may be added for taste.
-The tea may be drank warm or cooled before consumption.
-It is recommended to drink it thrice a day when using for a medical reason.

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