How Social Media Can Help You to Win New Business


Social Media has completely changed the concept of digital marketing by introducing innovative ways for promoting your business among the target audiences. Hence, it becomes necessary to use these interactive platforms wisely to make maximum profit for your business. Most of the times, digital marketers think that social media is constrained to sharing posts and contents only, but it requires proper human interaction to make the marketing campaigns more effective and successful.

Let’s understand why it is important to humanize your brand on social media platforms:

What I have noticed as a digital marketer is that most of marketing professionals treat social media platforms as the mediums for attracting customers, but this is not true in case of experienced social media marketers. Instead of interpreting social media as mediums for grabbing attention of target audiences, they use these mediums for developing long term relationships with their customers. This is accomplished either by establishing regular conversations with their target customers or by implementing adequate content marketing tactics.

Instead of using social media for content promotion, you can use these platforms as customer service portals for listening and solving their queries.

Here are some important tips on how social media can help new businesses in acquiring success through effective human interactions.

Tip 1: Setting up Communication Is Must

Instead of thinking social media platforms as mediums for generating revenue only, it is essential for the social media marketers to know the methods by which they can use proper human interactions for establishing relationships with their clients. While posting new content and graphics play a significant role in engaging followers over these platforms, responding to their queries immediately is also imperative because your customers cannot wait for long.

Propinquity is something that is always appreciated in social media. Let’s take an example to make this point clear to you. Suppose a follower posts on your Facebook business wall that your brand. Your responding team should be reactive enough to solve their queries within minutes because customers expect instant reply from your side.

Tip 2: You Must Offer Personal Branding Experience to Customers

Marketing professionals often forget the truth that people prefer to deal with other people rather than dealing with corporations. Hence, the main aim of social media campaigns should be focused towards offering personal branding experience to the customers.

Managing your valued patrons through social media gives you this great opportunity of serving them with personal branding experience that will is necessary for establishing long term and loyal relationships. It also allows you to act carefully to the responses of your customers and present them the services in a more conversational tone rather than automatically generated replies. In this way, you can easily humanize your brand.

McDonalds sets an example of humanizing its brand by making its social media accounts more human. The followers of McDonalds know that there are specific people who have been authorized for operating the restaurant’s official accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Whenever the team members of McDonalds tweet from their official pages, they tweet using their own credentials that give users the feeling that they are interacting with real people. In this case, Lainey interacts through @Lainey_McD.

Tip 3: Follow Up Is Easy

You can easily follow up with your customer’s issues and queries through social media platforms and if you can manage to resolve their issues with your prompt replies, then you will be able to win their trust with your faithful services. Besides, this will also help you in getting feedbacks from your customers, which is essential for introducing positive changes in future to avoid negative feedbacks, if any.

If your customer says that the interaction was not quite helpful, you can devise new plans to take further actions

In this way, the follow up helps in developing good relationships with your customers that is essential for sales and leads generation.

Tip 4: Communicate Through One Channel for Adding Intimacy

Social media platforms offer a great medium for removing the funnel between the businesses and its target audiences. Many reputed brands commit this mistake of replying customers through different channels that leaves them with an impersonal and alienated feeling. However, they forget the fact that when customers contact them through a specific medium, they too want to get replies through that medium only. I will put more lights on this point by giving you an example of using Facebook for eliminating the traditional funnel. Suppose a customer reaches your brand through Facebook, instead of replying him or her with a formulaic welcome message to call on a certain number, communicate with them interactively on Facebook to solve his or her queries through Facebook only.

It is vital to communicate via single channel for adding more personal touch in the conversation tone. Here is the picture showing 10 different levels of intimacy in today’s communication between a business and its customers:

Tip 5: Make Transparent Communication over Social Media Platforms

Transparency is always fruitful in communication processes. Customers want to communicate with you directly when it comes to purchasing your products or subscribing to your services. Therefore, just like we use social media for communicating with our friends and family, these mediums can be used for communicating with customers. Make sure that you have given liberty to your customers to make their queries and complaints on your social media business pages.

For the businesses, transparency means reflecting your customers how you manage and solve their queries. It means that you are able to show the procedures that your company follows for serving the customers with great user experiences. This will leave a good impact on your target customers and will bind them with your services for longer durations, which is essential for the growth of your business.

Now when you have learned the effective ways that help in humanizing your brand over social media platforms, you can use these tips for devising new social media marketing plans for your business. However, if you have any other idea that could be added a bonus tip for humanizing brand over these platforms; you can share with us in the comment section given below

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