Soap Nuts Liquid Laundry Detergent–5 Reasons To Make The Switch Now


Soap nuts are actually berries that grow on the Chinese Soap Berry tree. They have an amazing natural surfactant in them called saponin. Many people happily use soap nuts raw in their wash and they work very well, but when the saponin from soap nuts are extracted into a liquid laundry detergent it becomes super concentrated, works even better, and is more convenient to use. Here are 5 amazing benefits of soap nuts liquid

1. Soap nuts liquid works better.

Like most people, you probably have never felt truly clean clothes before. Truly clean clothes are one of life’s simple pleasures and are a joy to experience.  Unlike synthetic detergents, soap nuts liquid doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind. That means the 100% cotton shirts you bought are just that, 100% cotton. Your clothes will be softer than ever because it’s the residue that makes your clothes feel stiff, and that is why people use fabric softener.

2. It has no toxic chemicals or allergens.

Synthetic detergents are very toxic. They can contains hundreds of toxic chemicals. When you wash your clothes with detergent, where do you think the detergent goes? If you think it goes down the sewer or into a septic tank, then you are only half right.

Some of the detergent is still in your clothes even after washing and drying them. The detergent is then absorbed into your skin and released into the air as toxic vapors where you breathe it in. You may think it is no danger, but what happens when you are exposed to these toxic chemicals and known carcinogens in your clothes and bed sheets every day for decades? Why risk it when there is a better and less expensive alternative?

3. It’s the environments best friend.

Soap nuts have a net-negative carbon footprint since they grow on trees. Synthetic detergents pollute the environment through the manufacturing process, and through the waste water. Also an 8oz bottle of soap nuts liquid can do a whopping 120 loads of laundry! It would take about 187oz, or about one and a half gallons of Tide detergent to do the same amount of loads.

Considering that billions of loads of laundry are used each year, when using soap nuts liquid, the amount of extra plastic saved using the smaller containers and the amount of weight eliminated in the shipping process makes a substantial positive impact on the environment.

4. Your wallet will thank you.

Soap nuts liquid is far more cost effective. Not only is it cheaper than the synthetic detergents, but you also don’t have to use any fabric softener. That means you can save up to 50% on your laundry bill depending on the brands and quantity you buy.

5. It reflects your values

You care about your health and the environment. You like to do your part when you can to help the planet. Maybe you don’t buy bottled water, or you recycle at your home and office, or maybe you donate to certain green causes and organizations. That’s great and you should feel proud of that. Using soap nuts liquid is one more easy thing you can do to do you part to make the world a healthier place.

Jeremy Marion
Jeremy Marion works with his family business at Green Virgin Products. He is an advocate for healthy living and preserving the environment. Go to to see products and information that he supports.