The Slow Attack: Symptoms of Low-Grade Arsenic Poisoning


Low levels of arsenic, ingested over time through common food and drinking water, can lead to serious and even fatal health complications.

While occasionally arsenic may be used as an intentional poison, it is increasingly discovered in ground water. Over time, this constant exposure slowly attacks the body’s vital organs and systems.

Small amounts of arsenic does not necessarily show immediate symptoms. Flu-like symptoms may appear as the body reacts to the unwanted substance, but even experienced medical professionals are unlikely to suspect or recognize it as arsenic poisoning right away.

Arsenic cycles through the body in about three days. While some is absorbed into the blood, bones and liver, the rest is discharged from the body through waste. With consistent ingestion, even a low concentration of arsenic is extremely hazardous and will begin to exhibit prevalent symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Low Grade Arsenic Toxicity

•    Frequent numbness, tingling or a pins-and-needles sensation, usually in the hands.

•    The mouth may have a metallic taste and the breath emits a garlic type of odor. The throat may feel tight and hoarse. This symptom is a precursor to difficulty speaking.

•    Abdominal symptoms include severe cramping or burning sensations. It is often accompanied by diarrhea. The bowel is particularly sensitive to severe pains and the area becomes quite tender. Loss of appetite and weight loss occur as well.

•    Gagging occurs because the esophagus becomes filled with stomach contents that are pushed up towards the throat. Full vomiting does not always occur, but when it does, the contents will be yellow or green and often mixed with blood.

•    Muscle cramping throughout the body, along with rigid limbs may also accelerate to difficulty moving and a loss of motor coordination.

•    Headaches, lightheadedness and a sense of vertigo are often present in cases of arsenic toxicity.

•    Mentally, the symptoms range from inability to sleep properly to severe nightmares. Hallucinations, delirium and severe anxiety are also quite common.

While the above list is far from exhaustive, it is a good starting point to recognize symptoms of arsenic poisoning.

Since low levels of arsenic are frequently found in food and drinking water, persons exhibiting two or more symptoms should seek medical attention along with having their drinking water tested. Arsenic penetrates all areas of the body, so symptoms may appear to be completely unrelated, when in fact; they have the same root cause.

Anyone serious about preventing low grade arsenic poisoning will research the foods that commonly contain arsenic.

Avoid foods that are known problems and as an added measure of prevention and peace of mind, take the heavy metal blockers recently released by Mike Adams. These supplements have been rigorously researched and laboratory tested, proven to remove toxic heavy metals from your digestive system throughout the day.

Most of us – even those of us on a strict natural and organic diet – unwittingly ingest heavy metals. Why not take every precaution?


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