Sleeping In A Cold Room: Why Everyone Should Do This


Sleep is a vital health determinant. It is the time when the body relaxes from all the strains of daily activities and gets a chance to attend to itself. This is also the time for repair, healing, and recovery.

The body greatly benefits from a good night’s sleep. Recent studies have uncovered more benefits of sleeping in the cold.

Brown fat and sleeping in the cold

Research has shown that sleeping in a cold environment stimulates the formation of more brown fats. This is the healthiest type of fat in the body, unlike the more abundant white fats.

Brown fat is considered as metabolically active. That means the body has more use for it. The transformation of brown fats leads to more energy consumption and increased metabolic rates that last throughout the day.

Brown fat is previously believed to be only present in babies. Recent research found that there is a small amount present in adults. There is about 1 teaspoon-sized brown fat in the upper back and neck area. According to studies, this amount of brown fat can be increased.

Having more brown fat is more advantageous than having white fat. It aids with better weight management and better health. Brown fats promote burning more calories and more efficient use of energy. This fat also helps in better regulation of the metabolic process that can lead to better insulin and blood sugar controls.

Sleeping in a cold environment has been shown to encourage the formation and storage of brown fats.

Better sleep quality

The body is continually regulating its own temperature. During an entire 24-hour period, body temperature fluctuates. It typically reaches its highest level around the early afternoon. The lowest is around 5 AM.

During sleep, body temperature tends to go down as the body cools off and becomes less active. As the body cools down, it relaxes and soon, sleep comes. When the environment is cooler, the body can relax sooner and sleep quality improves.

In a cooler environment, the body is not required to keep regulating temperatures. This will significantly reduce tossing and turning at night looking for a comfortable position and stable temperature. This will promote a more restorative, deeper kind of sleep.

Recent studies also found that a cold sleeping environment is beneficial in managing insomnia. People tend to sleep sooner and longer in a cold environment compared to sleeping in a warm environment.

Other benefits of sleeping in the cold

Aside from better fat profile and sleep quality, here are a few more reasons for sleeping in a cold environment:

  • Look younger

More melatonin is released during sleep when in a cold environment. Melatonin is an important anti-aging hormone that helps achieve a more youthful appearance.

  • Reduce risks for metabolic diseases

Brown fat formation has been demonstrated to promote better energy usage and calorie burning. This can help in better insulin response and reduction in the risk for diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Try sleeping in a cold room tonight and see the benefits. In a few days, health benefits like better energy will be observed.

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