Skin Care Tips – How Chocolate Can Help Your Skin


People often keep looking for the skin care tips that will help them maintain a flawless, youthful and beautiful skin. In their bid to find such information, their prime focus is to use natural skin care products. Well, amongst many others, Dark chocolate can be regarded as skin-friendly ingredient which can be helpful in keeping the skin glowing, healthy and simply flawless. Given below are some of the outstanding benefits that dark chocolate carries for your skin:

  1. Dark chocolate carries lots of strong antioxidants. They help in protecting the skin against free radical damage and keep your skin soft, agile and juvenile.
  2. Dark chocolate comes with some astounding sun protection features and can shield the skin against any detrimental effects of UV rays, helping you out in the prevention of conditions such as skin cancer and sunburns.
  3. Consuming dark chocolate on a regular basis will help you in achieving smooth and clear complexion. It will also be helpful in keeping the skin well-nourished and moist.
  4. Dark chocolate proves to be a wonderful skin-detoxifier along with caffeine. It removes your dead skin cells allowing newly exposed and fresh skin cells to freely appear and breathe.
  5. Stress is regarded as a top bummer for beauty. When it goes unchecked, it results in ruining the entire personality of a person. Dark chocolate carries some wonderful stress relieving features and can help you a great deal in getting glowing skin through reduction in elevated levels of stress hormones.
  6. It has been revealed by studies that saturated fats that are found in the cocoa butter prove to be helpful in lowering bad cholesterol levels and boosting good cholesterol levels. Your skin needs good cholesterol for building and repairing the gut lining that is damaged.
  7. If one eats cocoa for a period of 12 weeks consistently, it reduces 25 percent of moisture loss in your skin which reduces sunburns. The reason is that cocoa enhances the blood circulation in the body to fine capillaries of the skin in top layer and helps them in drawing more nutrients and oxygen for protecting skin against burns and dehydration.

With all these skin care tips and benefits of eating chocolate, it is recommended to eat it in small amounts as a kind of anti-aging and anti-cancer agent. If one eats large amounts of chocolate, especially the one with high concentration of sugar, it can have negative effects. Processed sugar intake can result in increased inflammation causing risk of acne deterioration as well as other conditions, like heart diseases or diabetes.


John Smith