Six Ways to Get More Energy Today


Life is really no excuse for feeling tired. Neither is getting old, or congress or global warming. We all have stress that make us feel fatigued but many can be corrected easily. So if you experience that 2pm slump, have trouble getting out of bed or just feel worn out by day’s end try one – or all – of these simple solutions:

#1 Get enough rest
When did skimping on sleep become a badge of honor? You’re not a wimp if you insist on getting 7-9 hours of restorative sleep a night, because we ALL need it. Depriving ourselves of sleep –even for a night or two – saps us of energy and makes it hard to concentrate. So go to bed early or wake up later, but just make getting a good night’s rest a nightly habit.

#2 Exercise Regularly
This can be tough when you’re already tired, but you’ll be surprised at how energized you feel after. Physical activity brings oxygen to the brain and reduces stress. Start slowly by walking 10-20 minutes in the morning (get off the subway a stop or two early) or lift some weights. Or check out the countless workout DVDs and YouTube videos , many of which divide the exercises into 10-minute segments that are less daunting to beginners.

#3 Eat smaller meals and snacks
We don’t notice it because we’re so used to it, but digestion uses a ton of energy in the body. The more we eat, the more the body needs to rest. That explains why we all pass out after the Thanksgiving feast. Further eating a large meal triggers the body to release more insulin, resulting in low blood sugar. Smaller meals and snacks throughout the day can help keep blood sugar steady – just make sure you’re eating healthy foods with lean protein, beneficial fats and complex carbs.

#4 Stay Hydrated – dehydration often masks itself as fatigue and lightheadedness. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to stave off sleepiness.

#5 Choose Your Companions Wisely
Ever notice that spending time with some people can feel like you’ve gotten a B12 shot while others leave you feeling sapped and depressed. Limit your time with “Emotional Vampires” — people who try to suck the life out of you by dumping their problems on your lap. Seek out friends who provide love, encouragement, compassion– and hopefully a good sense of humor.

#6 Stay Positive
Don’t turn into an “Emotional Vampire” yourself. Sadness, anger, grief and frustration are parts of life and emotions we will all experience from time to time. But there is a difference between feeling your feelings and dwelling on them. Compulsively overthinking about resentments, fears or worries makes us depressed and tired. When you see this happening to you try to meditate and clear your mind, call a friend, get involved in a useful activity, help someone worse off than you, or make a list of what you’re grateful for – these should snap you back into reality and give you a dose of happiness in no time.

Now it’s my time to be grateful to you for reading this!
Get out there and enjoy your life with more energy!

Karen Azeez
Karen Azeez is a health coach and wellness expert who helps busy men and women lose weight, regain energy, sleep more soundly and manage stress. She enjoys cooking, writing and hiking. Connect with her on Twitter: @karenazeeznyc or visit her website: