Six Simple Natural Remedies For A Common Headache


Medical therapy used to treat headache is specific to the underlying cause of the megrim. Common pharmaceutical categories include narcotic analgesics, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants, and neuroleptic drugs. The most commonly used over the counter treatments are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin and Naprosyn or acetaminophen.

Common headache is so prevalent that most sufferers automatically reach for medication without considering alternative treatment options. Here are six natural remedies for a common headache.

1) Lukewarm water with lemon

This is a great drink for detoxifying your body and it’s recommended to be taken daily, in the morning, but you can also take it when you have a headache.

2) Ginger tea

Ginger stimulates the circulation and has a strong anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, ginger has a beneficial effect as an analgesic and thus reduces headaches.

3) Almond milk

Almonds contain magnesium and other minerals that can alleviate headaches and migraines, as well as salicin, which converts to salicylic acid – the main and active ingredient in the aspirin.

4) Fish oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the pressure in the blood vessels and reduce the chance of thrombus.

5) Herbal Teas

Teas made with any combination of chamomile, lemon grass, passion flower, lavender and/or skullcap exert a calming effect, they are effective in reducing headache. Also, peppermint tea works too, relaxes the muscles and nerves and it can also help with your headache.

More herbal remedies you can try:

Ginkgo – Ginkgo can relieve a headache pain by dilating blood vessels in the head.

Feverfew – Feverfew contains substances that inhibit the release of mood hormones in the brain. Use fresh feverfew for best results.

Bay – Bay leaf oil is useful in massaging the temples so as to relieve migraines and headaches.

6) Tomato juice

Tomatoes contain natural sugar and high levels of vitamins and minerals that can alleviate a headache, especially one caused by a hangover. Throw in a few hot spices and you’ll get a tasty beverage for headaches.


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