Six Fun Jobs You Should Consider If You Want To Help Others Develop Healthy Lifestyles


The health and fitness market is booming and there are now more reasons than ever to move into career in this industry. Anyone that is ready for a job that will help others get into the best shape of their life should take a look at these six rewarding options.

1. Fitness Director

A fitness director is responsible for ensuring that a gym or fitness center runs smoothly. Most of these individuals start out as a trainer or entry-level employee and then head to school for a degree in business administration or a similar field. Their job blends physical fitness, finances, physical education, and customer relations.

2. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is responsible for helping patients and clients reduce their pain and improve fitness after an injury, illness, or surgery. Physical therapists can work alongside athletes, but many opt for their own private practice or are hired into larger institutions such as rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and post-op centers.

3. Dietitian

Nutritionists and dietitians have a similar job which involves helping people understand and implement the basics of a healthy diet, but there are some key differences. A nutritionist falls into a category that is much less regulated by law while a dietitian will need an occupational license which will increase their job opportunities.

4. Community Nurse Consultant

Anyone that would like to have a hands-on career in the healthcare industry may want to consider becoming a community nurse consultant. Healthcare professionals can complete a RN to MSN online program in as little as two years and transition into a school, local healthcare center, or retirement home to design and implement fitness plans.

5. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer’s schooling, salary, credentials, and job outlook will change between almost every single professional. These individuals have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to choosing exactly where they would like to go in their career path. Entry-level personal trainers often start at minimum wage while highly-trained and licensed trainers can work for practically any healthcare institution.

6. Clinical Researcher

A clinical researcher will typically require a doctorate in their preferred field, but these specialists are at the forefront of the research and development aspect of this industry. They my find a rewarding career working with supplement manufacturers or even within dedicated treatment facilities connected to hospitals.

There is practically no limit of job options when it comes to health and fitness. Employees of any age and at any level in their schooling have countless paths toward a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

Anita Ginsburg