Simplicity in Life…Sovereignty in the home and health!


Simplifying your life, your home, the products you buy for your skin and cleaning, the foods you eat, etc can be a tremendous benefit for anyone looking for optimal health and healthy hormones.

There are so many chemicals people use daily in their lives that are totally unnecessary and very harmful to the entire endocrine system. Thus making it harder to achieve wellness. Harder to lose weight and balance hormones, etc.

Here are a few easy tips for simplifying your life. Getting back to the old way, or simple way. Finding health sovereignty at home is key to taking care of yourself and family.

Water: Find a clean source… hopefully not contaminated from fluoride or chlorine! Filter these chemicals out if at all possible from your water. Find a friend with a clean well or find a local spring near you to gather good water. Carry water with you and always bottle in glass. Too much plastic in our lives and blood already! Use glass!! Bottled water is no good, neither is plastic and chemical induced delivered water. A home osmosis system if on municipality.

Reduce: Re-use: Re-cycle: I know it’s sounds silly, but really this is where getting back to the old way is liberating and cost-effective! Buying used goods, sales, good will, friends and family passing things on and swapping goods, etc I just wonder sometimes why people need so much stuff? After having a baby, finding things on the cheap, nice and used was a must! It was easy to find quality stuff for our ever-growing baby!

Borax: This natural mineral is great to have around the home! It has so many uses both around the house and for the body! It’s great for killing mold in the bathroom! Good for a laundry booster and dishwasher. Can kill parasites in the body in small doses. Helps clear the pineal gland of fluoride and bromine!

Sodium bicarbonate: Buy aluminum free soda for teeth, mouthwash, swishing and all other body uses. Arm and hammer for cleaning and other uses around the home. Great for deodorant, use with essential oils. Prob my favorite overall product for the home, so many uses!!

Vinegar: Plain old white distilled vinegar for cleaning around the home. Works great with baking soda. Apple cider for internal ailments including digestive disorders. I love vinegar for herbicide, cleaning, windows, etc! Great stuff! Make spray bottles with vinegar, soda, essential oils. Use apple cider with mother for digestive problems and many other ailments!

Essential Oils: Learn to use them. Use diffuser for the air and to inhale. Put certain oils directly on skin or with carrier type oils. Make mouthwash with them. Use them for cleaning supplies and natural scents. I love oils and I think they are very important to great health!

Coconut Oil: What hasn’t been said! Use this oil in every room of the house, literally! Great for toothpaste, mixed with good baking soda, and essential oils! Great for oral care, gums, skin, etc! Great leave in conditioner!

Clay: Betonite clay and zeolite, activated charcoal: Every home should contain all of these products! They have so many uses around the home! The best of those uses are internally for both pets and humans! Very detoxing and will pull toxicity out of the blood! If an animal gets sick, these are great tools to have around the house. Nice to go on cleanses and take zeolite during to further the cleansing and assist the body in eliminating!

Iodine: Another must in health, wellness, infections, colds, etc! Iodine is great topically for nearly any problem that might come about! I use lugols for external purposes and Nascent for sickness and supplementing! Grandma knew all about Iodine! Great stuff to have around, even when out hiking or other activities!

DMSO: This is something that I carry with me when traveling! I love Dmso and truly believe it is amazingly healing! Using it clean and correctly… I do believe it’s safe and the healing that can be achieved with this solvent is incredible. I have seem many wounds, inflammatory conditions, stings and bumps and bruises almost miraculously cured by dmso! Call a solvent all you want! I wont leave home without it, especially when doing something dangerous or traveling! Use synergistically with magnesium oil for real results!

Magnesium Oil: A trans-dermal mag supplement! This stuff works great for pain and injuries as well as building the body’s reserves of magnesium…the most crucial nutrient in the human body! I love to use this product with a small amount of dmso when swelling or injuries occur! One of my favorite things to have around the home.

Dr. Bronners Soaps: Great soaps to have around for nearly any cleaning task! I personally use these soaps from head to toe and that is it for body-wash, shampoo and conditioner! Very concentrated, so it’s actually not that expensive! Good stuff!

Garden, Greenhouse, etc: The more you grow and get connected to the earth again, the more grounded in life you become! I believe nature is the key to real health and life enjoyment! Get outside!

Clothes: Clothes are laced with chemicals and toxins that mimic hormones and disrupt the endocrine system. Look to wear natural fibers as much as possible. When you do have to get all dressed up in plastic, tight-fitting clothes and undergarments….take them off as soon as possible and get into more comfortable and natural clothing when home! The body and lymph need to move and it can’t when it’s all laced up or stressed from off gassing of toxic clothing.

Cookware: Try and eliminate toxic by-products from cookware leaching chemicals into your food. It does seem good old cast iron, seasoned and taken care of is still a good option. Stainless works great as well! Glass, ceramic and titanium are all good cookware as well.

Toothpaste: Gross! The film on the teeth from glycerine and sodium laurel sulfate along with the chemical FLOURIDE, are reason enough to look at healthy and natural options. Aluminum free baking soda works brilliantly! Mix half and half with coc oil and add some essential oils of peppermint, clove, tee tree, eucalyptus.  Msm can be added, same with finely graded clay or zeolite. Blended horsetail is a great addition as well! The coral or abrasives in regular toothpaste wear down your enamel and also cause digestive disorders! Toothsoap shreds are a great buy on amazon!

Colloidal Silver: Learn to use this amazing mineral for any and all health ailments. Use it to build immunity, knock down molds, colds, flu viruses, etc. Great stuff! Sovereign Silver is by far my favorite silver! Make it at home for pets and topical. Buy it from reputable company for internal use, that is my advice! It won’t likely turn you blue, unless you try to be a chemist at home and drink lots of contaminated silver! Works awesome on pets as well!

Enemas: Coffee enemas are the best for toxicity and poisoning or sickness in the body! Next up would be baking soda and REAL sea salt! Lemon enemas are great for built up colon waste! Use them at home to prevent disease and heal from sickness and disease! You can save yourself and your family a lot of money from NOT going to the doctor with some of these tips! Enemas can change the dynamic of your health, VERY QUICKLY!

Herbs: Herbs to me are a the best thing on earth! Tonic and adaptogenic herbs are the best for immunity, good health and abundant energy! Reishi mushroom is the best, IMO, same with chaga! Maca Whole Root powder is a great herb for libido and health! Astragalus and holy basil are two of my favorite herbs as well! Holy basil and ashwaganda are both great for sleep and stress! Take herbs everyday to tonify the organs and immune system!

These are just some tips for holistic living! I do believe in taking you and your loved ones health into your own hands. Health and home sovereignty! Simplify your life, the chemical equation around you and in your home….you will notice your life and health radically changing for the better! Re-adjust your priorities. Buy natural foods and chemical free products as much as possible. Cut the aluminum, the mercury, the yeast, the sugar,and the bread for healthy hormones and real vibrancy in life!

Hope you all are enjoying your week! Take it easy everybody….PEACE