Simple A-Z Health Tips


A….Astragalus Root Extract.  Adaptogenic herb, tonic, safe for long-term use! Build immunity and energy! One rule of herbs…u must take them to understand them. 

B….Boswelia extract. Use in synergy with turmeric for powerful anti-inflammatory regimen.  Anti cancer and very powerful! 

C…Vitamin C. One of the most important supplements. Look for real botanical acerola c, vitamin c in nature has several molecules, not just ascorbic acid.

D….Deer Antler Extract. This is a incredible natural hormone balancer and amazing for athletes and people who are looking for natural energy, strength  and tissue repair.

E….ENEMAS!! Sorry for anybody that thinks they are hard, gross, whatever! They work! Coffee is the best, then baking soda and sea salt! Go to bathroom in morn, then do it!!

F….Fasting. Yes, the oldest healing modality known to man! Water is too hard first for people. Start with raw pressed veggie juices, little sugar in them, do enemas during eliminate!

G….Gingko Biloba. I love this herb for thinning the blood, bringing oxygen to the entire body! No need for DRUGS or un-natural blood thinners! Yes, aspirin is a drug.

H….Hawthorne Berry. This is a great herb for reducing blood pressure, used with a healthful lifestyle this herb works wonders for people looking to overcome H-B-PRESSURE.

I….IODINE. We are all deficient in this vital mineral. Thyroid problems are rampant. Eat quality seaweeds, herbs, and use nascent, iodoral, lugols, or other supplement as well. 

J….Juniper berry.  A top kidney support herb! Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula is great. Kidneys are so important to overall health. Use organic cherry and cran juices fresh as well!

K….K-2 High Vitamin Butter oil and fermented skate liver oil contain it. Green pastures is the company. Great stuff for overall health and activating the pineal gland!

L….Liver-Liver Cleanse. There are many ways to cleanse the liver. Fasting, raw juices, Milk Thistle-LIVER RESCUE, coffee enemas and burdock! Liver cleanse or flush is great too!

M….Magnesium Oil! This stuff is amazing and a must in any household! Great for pain, building magnesium in the body. Many uses, great for oral care! Buy pure Oil and use the flakes!

N….Nature! Getting back to nature is the key to a balanced lifestyle and a healthy body. Get barefoot on the ground, do gardening, stop using chemicals in your ecosystem, get in tune!

O….Organic Sulfur, or REAL MSM! This stuff is amazing and YES you do need it! Cheap on amazon, start slow and take it twice daily for life, unless heavy metal burden, then research.

P….Phytoplankton. This is great stuff and excellent omega 3 supplement. It’s expensive now, hopefully getting cheaper, but super dense nutrition is the key to overturning deficiencies

Q….coQ-10! This is a great addition to anyone’s supplement regimen. Great for hearth health and bringing oxygen to the blood. I know of a lot of people who swear by this one supp!

R….Reishi Mushroom Extract. Buy a quality dual extract or purchase organic mushrooms or forage and make into teas! The immortal mushroom! They all rock, but this is the best!

S….Spirulina! This is a great multi vitamin supplement only lacking in a few key nutrients. Also a great food for pregnancy and for the baby at 6 months. Buy a strict quality product.

T….TOXIC Chemicals…Everywhere! This is the leading cause of disease, which leads to serious nutrient deficiencies. Get them out of your body, water, clothing and home! CLEANSE!!

U….Urine Therapy,THAT Is right I said it! Think of it what you will, but if you are real sick or stuck in the desert,this therapy heals! Cell salts is what it is, same when you are cremated!

V….VIBRATIONS! I believe the body will never heal, nor will we as a planet until we positively get connected to the negative charge of the universe, and we live as one on the planet!

X….Xylitol. Purchase it from hardwood, NOT GMO. This stuff is wondrous for dental bacteria and oral care. Make own toothpaste with it, add coc oil, essentials oils, b soda… great stuff!

Y….YOU! We all must look inward first, in order to express outward the kind of positive changes we NEED to see in this world! Look inward, change YOUR paradigm and views, OPEN!

Z….Zeolite, calcium clays and diatomaceous earth are all great for the skin and internal parasitic invasions. Use in baths, internally, etc. But quality products. Do research if Heavy Metals are at play. GREAT FOR PETS! 

These are just some simple tips for everyone that can make a huge difference in your lives and internal bodies. Please feel free to share this info with anyone! Feel free to email me or write some of your own opinions at the bottom! The only way our minds expand is by new information and by listening to others with their unique mind, and lessons they have learned in life!