Simple Truth: Fitness and Why Activity Trackers Help


It’s true, diet alone helps at least 80% when trying to lose weight, but that alone is not enough if your goal is to get fit body! Threrefore the importance of mixing the both rules are key ingredient for nice looking tight body.

Of course, the quality of your daily diet matters a lot and as the saying goes “You Can’t Outexercise a Bad Diet“, one must get aware that a healthy diet is the one that promotes a ton of freash and healthy food eating habits which ends up developing personal healthy livng lifestyle!

Focus on the both above and the outcome results trying to get will occur naturally.

Table of contents and what you’ll discover today:

Confession Time: I didn’t do a straight workout session (we’re talking anything over fifteen minutes) until AFTER I lost ninety pounds.

I hated exercise.

I was the girl in high school who would puurposely forget my gym clothes in order to avoid participating in gym class.

For the early part of our marriage, my husband had to practically drag me to the gym with him. My enthusiasm for exercise developed at a turtle’s pace.

But once it became full bloomed, WOW. I now get incredibly grumpy if I miss a workout.

Over time (and by finding things I genuinely loved to do), I grew to love the fitness portion of the equation.

My personal experience has shown me that while you may not necessarily have to workout in order to lose weight, if you’re spot on with the nutrition, it’s pretty important to make the process of keeping it off easier (and it makes you look better naked).

I’ve been at 150 pounds while focusing on my diet alone, and again at 150 after losing the baby weight from our youngest while working out and staying on track with my nutrition. And I can tell you without a shadow of doubt – my body looked MUCH different when exercising at 150 than at a simply dieting at 150.
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Muscle Definition Makes YOU Feel HOT!

Do you really want to shine your brightest and feel your best when hitting your goal weight? – You need to workout!

And no, you don’t need to be a cardio queen pounding the treadmill or elliptical day after day. Short workouts can work, and incorporating strength training into the mix is a must.

Do you want to burn more fat and sculpt some muscle? – You’re going to need to do resistance training!

I suggest doing one of the two things:

  1. Invest in a good home workout program where the instructor provides clear and easy-to-understand cues on form. Start out following the moves WITHOUT any weights until you master the form. Go through the program while paying attention to your reflection in a mirror to make sure you are using proper form while lifting; or
  2. Work with a KNOWLEDGEABLE and professionally certified personal trainer for several sessions. – They’ll show you how to lift weights safely and build a training plan best suited for your goals.

Plan on opting for #1 and need some suggestions? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help.

Now, let’s get to the ingredients for the meaty portion of your “fitness ingredient.”

Activity Trackers!

If you’re truly committed to moving more and want to make sure you’re actually doing so, get an activity tracker!

It could be as simple and cheap as a basic pedometer. Or you could go all high-tech and get an Apple Watch, FitBit, JawBone Up, or any of the other fancy pants trackers out there.

Some have more bells and whistles than others, so the choice is yours.

I think the most important features are a step tracker and some sort of sleep tracking function, as quality of sleep can impact yor weight loss a lot.

If you see your sleep quality is poor, you can take steps to try to improve it (i.e., going to bed an hour earlier, not drinking any caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon/evening, training electronic devices off an hour before going to bed, etc.).

These can also be fun tools for getting a bit of friendly competition going among friends and family with the same tracker and challenging each other to move more.

Thanks for reading and let us know what your experience with having fitness and activity trackers is.

PS: Till next weird gadget that actually helps your fitness efforts …

PPS: While kindly waiting, make sure to share with ones you care.

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