Simple Tips to Live Younger without any Medicine and Dieting


There are so many cosmetic products, surgical procedures like botox and traditional remedies which promise to keep you youthful even when you have crossed your 30s and 40s. But the reality is we cannot nullify the effects of aging completely.

But if we follow the right kind of lifestyle and dietary habits then we can maintain the enthusiasm and the youthfulness appearance for a longer span of time.

You can feel young and energetic irrespective of your age with the right kind of food and attitude.

Following are some of the tips to stay young and live young.

Eat Healthy
Make sure you eat the right kind of diet full of green leafy veggies, fiber, fruits packed with vitamins and minerals and a large variety of fresh, whole, real foods.

Eating processed foods with low nutrition value is only going to cause inflammation, stress levels, cholesterol levels and weaken your immune system.Veggies should be a part of both your lunch and dinner and should fill up three quarters of your plate.Consuming fruits daily is must.

Make sure you consume only healthy fats along with your diet. Some of the examples are: Tea Tree oil, Thyme oil, avocados, almonds, and walnuts).

Consume less of Trans-fats and saturated fats from animal products.

Reduce the consumption of salt. Also cut down consumption of meat for a day in a week. This will reduce excess of acid accumulated during the week.

Cut Down Sugar Consumption
Foods like bread, cereals, canned soups and vegetables, pasta sauce, margarine, instant mashed potatoes, frozen dinners, low-fat meals, fast food, and ketchup contain a lot of sugar which can be harmful for your body.

Simply eating a healthy diet packed with all essential nutrients will not help if you have high sugar consumption rate. Excess sugar will make you overweight, can put you at diabetes risk, cause depression, and even induce suicidal tendencies in young people. It has a bad impact on your teeth, liver, heart and even hormones. So, choose to stay away from it as much as possible.

Exercise is Must
With few minutes of exercise, you can maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and increase muscle mass and reduce heart disease.

Walking is must for staying healthy and active. You can also make yoga a part of your daily routine. Yoga can not only keep you fit but it can also gear up your weight loss procedure.

Practicing particular yoga postures such as the Sun salutation which is a set of 12 yogic exercises can improve blood circulation, reduce risk of heart diseases, take care of your spine and keep you in shape.

Burst Stress with Meditation
Like we need dental hygiene we need mental hygiene as well and meditation is the perfect of doing that.

Few minutes of deep meditation can cut off the stress you have accumulated during the day. The right way of breathing can boost energy levels and lift your spirit.

You can try few meditation techniques when you get up in the morning or while taking short breaks during your work. Otherwise, simply playing a soothing and relaxing music can be helpful too.



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