Simple Oils and Other Fixes for Hair Problems


Finding ways to improve health and look your best naturally is more popular today than ever before. You probably have a lot of things tucked away into your pantry that can be used for everything from acne to skin care to hair care. It’s pointless to spend a bunch of money on expensive beauty products when you can create your own concoction that works just as well, without all the potential side effects. No harsh or unknown chemicals hiding, as you know exactly what you put in it.

If your hair needs a healthy boost to strengthen, condition or improve its shine, Lifecellcream recommends using essential oils. Here are just a few oils and things from around the home you can use to lessen gray hair, increase hair growth, get frizzy hair under control and more.

Sesame Oils

Sesame oil actually has several strong benefits for hair. First, it can help darken gray hair if you spend a little time each day massaging a little bit of it into your hair. Preventing or lessening the appearance of gray is probably the main reason people use it on their hair. But it’s not the only reason…

Using sesame oil also gives your head natural protection from the sun. Massage a little bit into your scalp and it’ll create a protective coating around your hair, providing your hair and scalp protection from ultra violet rays. It can even help prevent pollution from taking its toll on your hair.


If you want to promote healthier and faster hair growth, then rosemary may be the answer. According to the book, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood, it dilates blood vessels, as well as promotes cell division. This leads to new hair growth. Other benefits people use it for are slowing down the graying process, reducing dandruff due to a dry scalp and helping to prevent baldness.

In fact, Francese Casado Galcera found that his patented hair lotion that consists of rosemary, hops and swertia delivered some amazing benefits including:

  • More than 20 percent increase in hair growth
  • Better microcirculation of the scalp that helps with healing
  • Less hair loss when shampooing

Cocoa butter

You can naturally give your hair more moisture and make it easier to manage by using cocoa butter. If your hair is super fine or breaks often, leading to hair loss, cocoa butter can also help with that. You can use it to give fine hair more volume and strengthen the hair strands. These effects aren’t long-lasting, but by using it often you can moisturize and strengthen hair.

Dry hair or hair that’s been damaged by repeated colorings, perms and other chemical processes can benefit greatly from the use of cocoa butter too. It helps give hair natural oils that are lost through these chemical processes and may even help keep frizzy, hard-to-manage hair under control.


Avocado has had its fair share of the limelight for many reasons. But not many people realize that it’s the perfect food to help frizzy hair. The natural combination of light oils and protein provide powerful nutrients that can smooth frizzy hair and stop the flyaways.

Womans Day says to mash half of an avocado, massaging it into clean and damp hair then rinse it out about 15 minutes later. To really boost the moisturizing effect, add in an egg yolk, mayo or sour cream.

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