A Simple Method to Lose 20 Pounds In A Month With the Help of Cumin


Cumin has been widely used in lots of natural remedies, as a herbal medicine, it’s beneficial to the overall health in many ways that backed by science:

1. According to a study, cumin extract works greatly to reduce blood glucose, it’s even more effective than anti-diabetic drug. (S1)

2. In another study, cumin extract was proven to be able to reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides. (S2)

3. A study in rats found cumin protected their livers from ethanol. (S3)

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This article are talking about how to lose weight with this smart spice. The researchers from the Iranian University of Medical Sciences have conducted tests on 2 seperated groups of individuals that made up of 44 obesity women for every group. In the test, one group of women took 140 ml yogurt spiced up with cumin powder every day, and another group of them took the yogurt without cumin powder. After a month, the group the consumed cumin powder lost 15% more fat than another group that didn’t take cumin powder. Cumin powder helped the first group of women lose almost 20 pounds.

How this ingredient helps you lose 20 pounds in a month?

Cumin helps prevent the storage of fat and aids in weight loss in several different ways:

Firstly, the cumin powder increases the heat of the body, thus increasing the metabolism to boost weight loss;

Secondly, thanks to a compound called thymol it contains, cumin is also beneficial for digestive system, it improves digestion and promotes the absorption of nutrients by the body;

Besides, cumin is also a good detoxifier and it improves the functions of kidney and liver to remove the toxins out of the body.

For getting the best weight loss results, it’s a good option to mix cumin powder in the yogurt. It’s recommended to take 500-1000mg before your 3 meals.

Consume cumin every day will also provide many other powerful health benefits:

Boosts energy levels

Cumin is an excellent energy booster as it’s a great source of iron, which is well known to improve blood flow throughout the body.

Enhances immunity

With good amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, cumin helps to enhance immunity and improve your ability to fight illness.

Prevents cancer

Studies found cumin may protect people from stomach and liver cancer, this is due to the free radical fighting properties of this spice.

Improves sleep

Cumin is beneficial to people who’re suffering from insomnia as it has relaxation and anti-stress properties. It also improves concentration levels and cures other mental problems.

Relieves the symptoms of cold

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, cumin is said to help relieve the symptoms of cold.

Treats skin problems

The common skin issues such as rashes, boils and blemishes are normally a result of the body trying to remove the toxins in the body, cumin aids the process of getting rid of the waste inside of the body, thus relieving these skin problems.

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