Signs of a Midlife Crises and How to Avoid It


A midlife crises starts differently with every human being. Generally, it appears sometimes in your 40’s and ends about 10 years after its beginnings. It is a time of challenge, lower self-confidence and it can be terrifying for many people. Here are 10 signs that you may be in your mid-life crises.

  1. You make a fuss about small health issues

Health should be a priority to every human being. But, if you panic about every moll that you detect on your skin, you are probably experiencing a mid-life crises. Nevertheless, you should be aware that every change you notice on your body needs to be checked out. However, you don’t need to spend sleepless nights about something that is probably normal sign of aging.

  1. Compare yourself with friends

Comparing yourself to others sometimes can be motivational. You see hear about their success stories, their achievements, the clothes they wear, the cars they drive. However, being obsessed with what others are or have can have a bad influence on your emotional health. Be what you are and compare yourself with nobody else but yourself. See where you were last year, and where are you now. If you’ve made positive progress, there is not need to worry about others.

  1. You are obsessed about your weight and physical exercise

It is always better to lose those extra pounds you have been struggling with for years. But, midlife crises can be difficult considering the regret you may feel about the issue. If you are not satisfied with the way you look, now may be the best time to correct it. Nevertheless, don’t feel bad about yourself if you haven’t done it before. These are your best years. You deserve to achieve your goals without regretting anything. Enjoy them and  become irresistible!

  1. You are not certain about how much you value

Midlife crises is often a time when people question their achievements and their self-worth. If you often ask yourself whether you reached your full potential, or if you feel like you are a big failure, you probably experience your middle age crises. Remember that it is never too late for your dreams. The most successful people on this planet were unknown to the public before they reached the age of 50. So, you have plenty of time to live your dreams.

  1. You want to quit your job

When you find yourself in a midlife crises you often ask yourself “Is this the job I’ve always wanted to do?” “What could have happened if I quit my job earlier?” Well, only you can answer that. But, if you quit your job and don’t have any other alternatives, you need to consider what would you do without income. If you already have sufficient amount of savings, or have a business idea and you are passionate about it, then quitting your job does not seem to be such a bad idea. However, you need to have a detailed plan what to do next if you decide to take this step.

  1. You feel depressive and lonely

In your midlife crises you could develop signs of depression. This state of mind is linked to all the other above mentioned symptoms. In addition, you could experience loss of identity, and this leads to shift of the chemistry of your brain. Well, dealing with depression is never a positive thing. however, if you spend some time doing things you used to enjoy doing earlier in life, you could avoid it. Reading, taking a walk in the park, meditation, listening to music and similar ideas are the best ways to avoid this symptom. Don’t  take anti-depressives.

  1. Thinking about death

Death can’t be avoided. No matter how much we think about it or fear it, we will all experience it one day. There is no point in fearing death, or worrying about our final hour. Therefore, free your mind and don’t be dead before you really are. Nobody knows when is it going to happen. This is the reason why you should enjoy every moment of it before it really happens.

  1. Buy expensive things impulsively

This is a well-known symptom of being in midlife crises. It is especially true for males. You’ve heard many times when do men buy their first Porsche. Well, if you find yourself wanting to buy something expensive on impulse, think again whether you really need this item and is it really worth it spending so much money on such a lavish thing. Be aware of what financially successful people do differently. They certainly don’t spend all their life savings on ridiculously expensive things.

  1. Unexpected mood swings

If your mood changes often with no particular reason, you may be experiencing midlife crises. You need to raise your awareness of your state of mind and your emotions and try to control them. This is one of the reason why people are recommended to practice more yoga. See if you need more yoga in your life.

  1. You often hear: “You’re in a midlife crises!”

An outsider’s perspective is often a true one. People see you differently from the way you see yourself. Don’t worry about it. And don’t be hurt. This may be your awakening hour. This may be the part of your life when you’ll experience enlightenment, solace and refuge.

The most important thing while experiencing a midlife crises is to enjoy every minute of it. Every day is a gift. Make a full use of it without regret, without asking “what if…?”, without worry, without sadness or anger. Love yourself to the maximum and become your best version. Remember, it is never too late for success. And, success is impossible without courage to act accordingly.