SHTF Toiletry Kits

If you’re into prepping have you already prepared and stored your toiletry kit?  More often than not even some of the most prepared individuals do not give enough attention into their toiletry kits.  It is important to maintain basic hygiene skills during a collapse scenario as good hygiene is the first step to preventative medicine.  Many diseases occur due to the lack of cleanliness and sewage being too close to living proximities.  Having proper SHTF toiletry kits of all shapes and sizes in as many places as you can think of will ensure your survival and family’s survival during any situation.



Naturally some of the first essentials will be toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Think beyond this though; include items such as nail clippers, small scissors, lotions and various topical ointments.  These items will also be essential key components for preventative medicine by maintaining good hygiene.  If room allows for it include shampoos and conditioners to be used sparingly or if possible just the essential oils and ingredients to prepare your own homemade shampoo.  Sanitary wipes, baby wipes and even alcohol pads will be an important item if needed medically or to use in a toiletry fashion.


How to Pack

Toilet paper and sanitary wipes will most of the time take up the most space.  If this is the case, prepare multiple SHTF toiletry kits and keep them in different places.  A great place is the glove box of any vehicle, in a bug out bag and even with the main supplies if prepping is already in motion.  Travel size toilet paper and wipes will be the best way to save space.  Shampoos and conditioners will also take up much space but hair can be washed just once a week in order to maintain good hygiene in a collapse scenario.  With this in mind store larger SHTF toiletry kits with the main supplies and travel sized containers in vehicles and bug out bags in order to save space and weight.


Every individual and every family should have their own unique SHTF toiletry kit according to their needs and desires and should be kept with their emergency supplies.  As long as the basic requirements are met all other supplies are of preference to the individual.  If possible, store additional basic SHTF toiletry kits in order to share with friends, allies or to use as a barter item.  Be concerned with just the basics, 20th and 21st century products such as mouthwash and teeth whitening supplies should not be given priority as survivability is possible without these items.


Short Term VS Long Term

Even the smallest of SHTF toiletry kits should be organized as to last for long durations of time out in the wilderness or hopefully shorter.  Obviously one roll of toilet paper won’t last you for a month outdoors especially if more than one person is with you.  Pack accordingly with the supplies gathered to what you may foresee yourself and your loved ones doing.  For example, if an area of operations is possible than pack your main supplies there while divvying up smaller amounts for excursions outside your shelter.  Folded napkins are a great way to make “toilet paper” last longer and take up less space.  Same rule of thumb applies for coffee filters.  Coffee filters can pack hundreds in a tightly confined area allowing you more time outdoors for less packing space if needed.


If shorter durations of time will be outside than packing items such as soap and shampoo will not be necessary.  If possible, avoid liquid forms of soap as this may spill or their containers may break open.  Bar soap tends to last a bit longer and is easier to store and pack.  Avoid powdered soap for the same reason as well.  Razor blades and shaving cream should be kept in SHTF toiletry kits that are designed for more than a week outdoors.  As well as plenty of basic pain alleviation should be kept such as Tylenol.  When storing deodorant, pack sizes according to additional space.  If expecting a week outdoors pack a travel size deodorant stick to save space, weight and supplies as well as if you’re expecting just a few days outdoors do not pack deodorant at all.  Clean once you’ve returned safely.



Packing Your SHTF Toiletry Kit

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