SHTF Scenario with Newborns and Infants


Survive and Thrive in a SHTF scenario with a Small Child or Infant

In a SHTF Scenario with Newborns and Infants there will be no disposable diapers or baby wipes. Survival in a post-collapsed world is going to be difficult but not impossible. This time will be primitive compared to the life you currently experience. Birth and babies will continue in the unknown and exciting territory of a new lifestyle era. This post will attempt to give insight into the best alternatives for a new parent to prepare for their bundle of joy in a SHTF environment. Fresh drinking water may be difficult if not impossible to find. Formula will not be available at your local market. If cars still run, fuel may be non-existent, and traveling with a young child will take planning. 

How do you plan to raise a healthy baby in this new world? What will you feed your child. What to do for waste disposal and the best way to travel with your child. Actually, we do not need to think too far out of the box here. All we need to do is take a glimpse into a distant past. A time when there was none of the modern conveniences, we have today. Life is unpredictable. Jobs and income go away, natural disasters like hurricane Sandy occur. Sometimes we are in a position where we have to make adjustments especially if we have children and live in a world filled with unknown challenges.

If you and your baby need to bug-out will you know what to pack for your journey? Disposable diapers and baby wipes take up a large amount of space in your backpack.  Formula is heavy, and if you have to add water to it, the water itself is heavy. So, what do you do?

Wear Your Baby

First, know how to wear your baby and backpack. Make sure your backpack supports its weight on your hips and not the shoulder. Your shoulders will support your child. Belt your water around your waist. In a normal situation, you would put the backpack on first and then wear your baby, using a secure harness that fits you. A sling or wrap may not be secure enough for a long trek. Know how to do this yourself. If you might be in a dangerous situation, put the backpack on after you have secured your child to you. This way you do not have to lay the baby down when you drop your backpack to run for safety.

The water you pack is for drinking so be sure to include diaper pins and cloths to use as a disposable diaper in your pack . Consider travel sized wipes that are soap free, no rinse, hypoallergenic, alcohol, and paraben free .  If you do not have travel sized wipes, dampen small cloths in water and peroxide. Place these in a watertight container. A recycled zip lock bag is perfect for this.

Feeding Baby

Feeding baby is another issue, I recommend breast-feeding, and it is almost like fast food! The baby can eat as you go. If you do not need to hide and water is not an issue you can filter and boil the water you will be using to drink, for cooking food, bathing and to wash the diapering material which you can then hang from a branch to be air dried.

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